Fun fact: He is not at all a boy, he's like... 34 or something.

And he doesn't blink.

The Society of Light 

The Society of Light 

The Society of Light 

The Society of Light 

If you want to read a bit about it, I'll post a description under a cw/readmore underneath this 👍
(I... don't want to clog ppl's timelines hah)

As a person he is a pretty kind guy, but his religion is N O T

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he has no Dexterity, because why would he need that when God guides his hands/vases can be glued back together?

cw: body horror, gif 

coming up with clothes for characters is hard. But once you draw something that just -fits-, it feels so gratifying

back home from England - drew this in the plane with no pen because... I forgot flight mode doesn't allow bluetooth ha

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