what I love about mastodon is I use the hashtags instead of the hashtags using me

It is always rewarding to see those you've mentored succeed.

I'm not sure whether you get a notification when I referenced this image. I thought you might like to see the drawing I made from this image. Thank you for posting it 👍

The less gear you use, the more you grow as a photographer. Although there are fewer options available, you'll find more creative ways to capture what you feel! In a way, all your technical options before turn into creative solutions that improve your photography even more. 📸

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

I'm happy to announce that this photo has been selected to be exhibited in the 5th Chania International Photo Festival from 6July to 12July, 2022.

@blankwallgallery @chania


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