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So, this will be my Toot.

I'm Rhukii a nb hobby artist from germany who mainly does character art in 2D (traditional & digital), but sometimes also 3D stuff and literature writing, especially fantasy stories (german language).

I'm happy to meet new artist friends here and connect. Feel free to contact me.

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Die Tochter ist erkältet Zuhause, fing an Bilder zu kritzeln und fragte, ob wir sie ins Internet stellen können. Voilà:
Sie freut sich sehr, wenn ihr eine Nachricht im Gästebuch schreibt, welche Kritzelei ihr Euch noch von ihr wünscht.

Second try, reference musician Alligatoah from music video "Nachbeben".

I like this one even more for it has more detail to it.

First try, exaggerated proportions, reference musician Alligatoah from music video "Nachbeben"

Just started some flat colour scribbles of another musician and what should I say... I'd stop trying to do clean lines. Sketchy lines and looooots of them suit my art way better.

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🌞MOIN, Bürger ☀️😁
🔴 Samstag, wenn man lieber liegen bleiben will. #GuTeNmOrGeN, Frühstück! ☕
🔴 Saturday, if you prefer to stay down.
#GoOdmOrNiNg, Breakfast! ☕
➡️Artist + Pics by : #showkitchen #braddowney #elieephotoss #roshcov -
#streetart #mastoart #art #bonjour #gutenmorgen #goodmorning #photography #fotografie

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Colour corrected version. I now like it way better :3

Thinking about correcting the colours of my last digital piece. The longer I look at it the more it bothers me how bright and saturated the yellow turned out.

There you go, a self portrait sketch thingy. I noticed that people I draw from reference tend to have a more friendly to happy facial expression than on the reference photograph. Dunno why is that, but it's somehow amusing.

Maybe I'll do a self-portrait next? I don't have an up to date one, so maybe it's time for that again. Maybe even two, one traditional and one digital. We'll see.


I know I should be doing art for myself, but I'm also a perfectionist and never satisfied with what I create. So if I don't like what I do and people for whose opinion I care don't like what I do or at least don't feel the need to express that they do... Who am I doing it for?

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You know what I always hated about drawing and doing arts? The people. People I didn't even know came over and were like "oh you can draw? Can you draw this and that for me for free?" And people I really care about were like "yeah what ever, you're doing this the whole day, I see no need in commentating it at this point" And both are really hurtful. Even as a kid I feel like I never got the appreciation I wanted and needed and sometimes i ask myself, why am I even doing this still?

Did another portrait sketch for today but I'm not quite pleased with this one. That means practice, practice, practice.

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