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Just a general note - if I offend or upset you, I am completely open to criticism. I really appreciate interacting with you all, and if I screw up, you don't owe me anything, but I would love the opportunity to learn. I am well aware that I screw up and do insensitive things at times, so just putting that out there. I can at least promise that I will listen carefully, not get defensive, and do work. :coffee_mug:

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Copying/modding from @ScribbleAddict
Hello fellow artists!

Here's a little game to get to know each other and find people with similar interests, since I'm more likely to talk to people with mutual interests. Share your main (profession/goal/job), and your hobbies (side stuff/fun/fandoms).

Main: Sailing, Indie Game Dev, Writing, Drawing, World-Building

Hobbies: Gaming, Japanese Culture/Language, Creatures & Monsters, Mythology, Scifi/Fantasy/Supernatural, GDT

Copy, paste fill in your own :D

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I've been over on .social for a while and finally decided to scoot over to .art

I'm very much a dabbler with a huge love of creatures. You can expect art, photos, writing, and rambling from me. I live on a boat and am finding my way as an independent creative. Productivity will vary hugely.

Looking forward to meeting loads more cool folks!

Not thrilled with how this turned out, but it was good practice nonetheless

Getting back into the swing of ! Day 15 is a minute fruit bat with quince flowers. Day 16 is a wild boar with roses

Want to support my work? You can leave a tip on ko-fi!

Going through images for a new blog entry and found this embarrassing but amusing picture that the spouseband took of some Boat Yoga™️

An patron request. Actually drug the markers out for this one.

Some pretty sunset photos from along the Duwamish this evening. Going to try catching Mount Ranier in better light tomorrow.

✨Kassia Undomiel for Asteri✨

Always happy to paint super badass ladies with bold hair color choices! I almost feel spoiled with the colour palettes for characters I've been painting lately 😍

Hi! I'm John Porter. INFJ, enneagram 4, Transformers collector, Xennial. I'm starting an ongoing superhero webcomic for introverts and HSPs called "Corinne Morgan, Corbie". My plan for this account is to share some insights into what I've learned so far.

day 14 Neil O' Jack.
He's mainly a baker and arms manufacturer, but sometimes he takes matters into his own hands when it comes to drunk werewolves wrecking his pumpkins.
Good man.

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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