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was anyone going to tell me catalogs for armour existed in the 16th century or did i have to figure that out by watching documentary on netflix about knights armour.

Ahh thank you so much to everyone ordering from my shop ;o; a few people have asked me about sold out items (mostly the bears) but i probably wont be restocking them until the holiday season sorry!

Me screaming because i have no idea what to do for the trc thing...submits my old art to the tag later i guess...aghhh

lol i got a free ff paint from the grey faerie so now i have a stealthy draik...why are all my long time neopets dreams coming true suddenly

Im truly touched whenever people leave nice comments in their orders...its like recieving nice anons...thank you ;_;

[RTS πŸ’š] Hello my shop is finally Reopen with con leftovers and some new merch, and I've got a Moving Sale going on with almost everything 30-40% off for the next month! Please Check it out!

🌿 Rauviel.Etsy.Com 🌿

Coming home to merch that didnt make it in time for ax is cursed but at least i have my pillows now...ill open my shop sometime soon probably. gonna have a moving sale with con leftovers!

We watched phantom of the opera while waiting in the airport for our flight (still waiting) ...still so good clenches fists. I want to see the play again.

Shout out to the person in front of us with a full hades itabag.

I keep swearing in disneyland because i have a filthy mouth but galaxys edge is SO FUCKING COOL

I can't believe american netflix has phantom of the guys dont know how lucky you are

Walking around and seeing your merch on other peoples bags in the wild is probably the best feeling ever

Goodbye sweet beans πŸ˜”πŸ™ thank you for a good AX yall

I tried walking around but i got exhausted after like 2 rows in the aa im sorry please come visit me if you have sbr stuff 😭

Last day come get yall goods and free my luggage from overweight hell

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