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hey , I'm Nicole, a Designer & Illustrator from Toronto. I usually draw fantasy, & historical art, and love book design✌️

πŸ’€ Rauviel.Etsy.Com

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Minnesota Freedom Fund does not have a Venmo. If you see anything about donating to MFF's Venmo, that's fake

MFF is recommending these other crowdfunds, as apparently they're overwhelmed by donations themselves

Black Visions

Reclaim the Block

Unicorn Riot (to be clear, UR is an independent media company, not an NGO)

If you are too anxious to handle The Timeline and you aren't able to use the word filter tool or other tools to curate your own TL

Might I recommend quietly logging off and spending the night curling up with a good book instead of telling people not to talk about racism

The one thing about drawing lots of sbr content was i got used to drawing horses semi regularly and now a year later im like whats a horse. I only draw birds now.

And now i can finally change my icon from 2 years ago

You ever accidentally draw a really cool shirt on a character and immediately wished you had it

I just got result 'Nicole' on quiz 'Which Bobclan Member Are You?'. What will you get?

wow crazy accurate

its been a while since i did linework (on csp), does anyone have any good lining brushes with a little bit of texture? i cant even remember which brush i used to use LOL

I really like drawing shoes .. if i could draw shoes on hands i would.

Anyone else going completely feral over the pjo news im literally going to scream from the rooftops ive waited for over 10 years to see my son nico on screen. So thankful..always gonna give back..never gonna forget

The Half of It was thoughtful and moving and sweet and id definitely reccomend spending your friday night watching it and not that it means anything because i cry during every movie these days but i definitely cried more than once which is usually a good sign...excellence.

When ur party sends u to do recon alone and then leaves you to die when you call for help. Just little rogue things.

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