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Hey I'm Nicole, a Designer and Illustrator. I love children's literature and book design. I also love Jojo, bears, bats, and cute animals.

I am always running or co-hosting at least one zine at any given time.


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I cant wait for my apartment to be free from all these packing materials πŸ˜‚

This weeks jojo ep was so good..moms spaghetti..

I dont say it often enough but thank you so so much to everyone who leaves kind reviews on my store. I look at and read all of them often and every time i get a new one it makes me feel so incredibly happy that you enjoy my work...😭

also i should be getting around to fulfilling my comms this week thanks for your patience yall, ill also be closing comms with my store next week + reopening them in january!

Ive started playing botw again after a long pause so if any mutuals got a switch in that time feel free to add me as a friend!! SW-1761-8535-0125

I have never been attacked like this in my life.

I cannot believe hel. This is my hole it was made for me.

Fire emblem thinks they can introduce a bunch of new goths one with my ocs name to make me play feh again and get away with it. Ive been threatened.

Ive been watching the lotr trilogy while drawing today and ive aged approximately 500 years....these movies are way too long

Sometimes you just have to listen to the prince of egypt soundtrack at 4am and cry. Thats just how it is.

Ive been really busy between orders and working on overdue art but i managed to ship all the store orders out today. For everyone whose been asking ill likely be getting paisley park pins back in sometime in january thanks for your patience she will make a return i promise πŸ™πŸ™

Im likely going to be closing the store on the 16th so get your stuff while you still can!

Shipped out a bunch of my store orders just now. Will likely do the rest by the end of the week πŸ‘Œ

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