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Hey I'm Nicole, a Designer and Illustrator. I love children's literature and book design. I also love Jojo, bears, bats, and cute animals.

I am always running or co-hosting at least one zine at any given time.


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We did a cat themed escape room and we almost lost because we couldnt remember BEDMAS....I didnt expect us to do math. Its been to long.

wip im working on rn...detailing takes forever but its worth it

Ive been listening to to botw soundtrack today and its making me so nostalgic...botw is good...its good fam

I finally caught up on all the episodes of prison break...stayed up all night to a different man now... the emotions that show has put me through....😭

Troye Sivan ... an experience ill never forget...i love he...

I respect the man wilding during the kim petras set. Whoever you are you are a legend.

We are at the troye sivan concert and i just found 20 bucks on the floor so its going well so far

Cant believe troye tomorrow already 😭

Comm me to draw ur faves please πŸ™ i love doing the animal drawings the most tbh

[RTS πŸ’œ] Hi I'm opening commissions for the first time. I have three different varieties for you to choose from including charm comms. I only have a few slots open for now. Charms will be shipped late Nov!

⭐️ Info:

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