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Hey I'm Nicole, a Designer and Illustrator. I love children's literature and book design. I also love Jojo, bears, bats, and cute animals.

I am always running or co-hosting at least one zine at any given time.


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I finished the umbrella academy last night... what an amazing show...😭 s2 when...

I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, thank you for liking my work but please dont put down other peoples work when complimenting another artist! It's not a good feeling and its disrespectful at best!

I got really excited from the book cover reveal and decided to design a cover of my own for 's Call Down the Hawk. November 5th can’t come soon enough frankly!

Thank you for all the notes on these guys omg....go listen to my soundcloud. Jk

Last valentines day I waited all day to get waffles with my friends and then ended up throwing up right before I ordered my waffles. This year I'll have my redemption waffles. Mark my words.

strokes chin thinking about opening a ko-fi, also for simple comissions this time, do you guys have good experiences with it? I made one a bit ago but never really used it

frankly i got to gyro and i was like "do i want to draw this mans hat" and the answer was "no" and its always going to be no, so here we are.

Sorry for everyone waiting on orders! every time I plan to go ship them we end up having terrible and dangerous weather here, I should be able to get all orders out by the end of the week though hopefully

I leave the tl for one hour and I come back and everything is on fire including myself.

I also have like 1 selfie in existence and my style is now indecipherable since last time we did this so πŸ˜‚

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