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hey , I'm Nicole, a Designer & Illustrator from Toronto. I usually draw fantasy, & historical art, and love book design✌️

πŸ’€ Rauviel.Etsy.Com

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My spotify wrapped is truly unsurprising but also literally no one can dethrone Take Me to Church. Two years in a row absolute legendary song. It really goes that hard.

Some old art of my inquisitor Hell I did earlier this year since its πŸ¦‡

it is 10pm here and so i can be somewhat horny on main

A knight before christmas is literally poetic cinema.

I got pokemanz and if anyone out there has a eevee...pls..a girl is desperate here

Tumblr user jolcands who deactivated their blog if ur out there please tell me where i can find and support your art again. You are amazing.

The killers AND hozier making new music??? Happy birthday to me

My decade meme is that i was a goth in 2013 and now i am goth once more. Love that journey for me.

i know no one uses tumblr anymore but the world is a tumblr GC squints

some oc sketches bc ive neglected my children for too long

I just want to say i encounter SO many red mustangs on a daily basis. Someone in my neighbourhood has one and someone who works in the same building as me has one and so i see one nearly every day and as a noah stan its what i deserve

Hubert is just Thomas from Downton send tweet

Thank u everyone for the love on the invites. Ive been a hermit these past few days because of cdth but i really appreciate all your comments sorry i cant respond to them all 😭.

Has anyone who has read CDTH also read Deep Secret by DWJ (one of my absolute favorite books). I cannot get the hotel scene out of my mind and all i could think about was DS and i absolutely ADORED it

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