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Teen titans was a good show yall..had to reupload that because i remembered my treasure trove of jinx fanart

sarah is calling me out for not making arthur a donkey even though its canon im sorry its true hes a big himbo donkey

im working on the rest of the knights at the moment ill post later but i really wanted to post these ones now because im happy with them and theyre my faves :3 also planning on making a small zine with them...for myself

Gonna be at Anime North F09 this weekend with ! Come visit us I got all your jojo goods as usual.

Artist confessions...?
- i always use references
- every single hand ive ever drawn is literally my hand which is why theyre mostly slender πŸ˜‚
- i never draw thumbnails always go with the first idea
- i have never flipped my canvas in my life and dont plan to

Gonna try and update the holy grail thread with a diff chatacter every day hopefully... i kinda miss doing a little drawing like that every day like i did for the tiny tarot

may or may not have gotten really into merlin lately. definitely will cry when i get to the end ...which is soon

Dandy Johnny preview for 's Jojo Gentleman Zine!

πŸ‡Β Pre-orders:

Lrt > im not gonna be able to post my preview until like sunday cos im afk for the long weekend...but please check out the zine!!!

Heh i finally got the vine wraps for these charms 😌

Me looking at my anime north catalogue like. Well. Entirely jojo. Here we go again.

I accidentally made 5x more work for myself today and i want to die

Come visit me and tabita in anime north hell in like 2 weeks at f09

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