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hey , I'm Nicole, a Designer & Illustrator from Toronto. I usually draw fantasy, & historical art, and love book design✌️

πŸ’€ Rauviel.Etsy.Com

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No one is talking about how you can have Marlon Brando as a villager in acnh now.

Anyways look at my amazing Artemis tattoo done by @/ajmartin.tattoos on insta 😊

Hi I have maybe decided to unlock this account tentatively. It's been a wild year, ive been reading again(locked tomb), I moved provinces, got another tattoo, played a bunch of video games(monhun!hades!!!) Been trying to hype myself up to draw again but it's been hard!

I'm moving to mtl soon and I was packing away some of my merch and dang i have like a million part 5 pillows that came too late after my last ax and I forgot how cute they are, god if anyone is interested in part 5 pillows I might put them on a small store or smth after I move.

I remember being like "steel ball run when I'm thirty" years ago but now that actually seems likely. Everyone support our Florida lesbians so we can get CGI horses

Me seeing all my Jojo mutuals I haven't spoken to in a while rise from the grave

Blasting Jolene by Dolly Parton on repeat this fine Sunday morning.

I will unlock for just a.moment just for this also look at Sarah's art

Also as a side note: thanks to everyone supporting fodlans fables and your kind words about it. The team and I worked very hard on it, for over a year. In fact it's the last big art thing I've done, so it's nice to hear that the work paid off and we did it justice πŸ€—

I know I've been mostly away from here and not posting for months, and maybe you've noticed I've locked most of my social media accounts, it's mainly due to me getting a little creeped by specific people who I don't want invading my spaces, doing so.

Anyways read Legendborn thank you for ur time

In light of all the Arthurian adaptation news on my tl, I simply have one thing to add to this discussion and it's this: go read Legendborn by Tracy Deonn instead.

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