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hey , I'm Nicole, a Designer & Illustrator from Toronto. I usually draw fantasy, & historical art, and love book design✌️

πŸ’€ Rauviel.Etsy.Com

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Just remembered is my steel ball run anniversary is today... amazing.....

Sarah using teeth against me is illegal and i was threatened

I was going through some files and these sketches are from May but I still like day ill get back to this project sighs wistfully

Dandy johnny comes up to u and tells u he loves u most ardently wyd?

Dandy Johnny & accessory drawn for's Gentleman Zine! 🎩🐎

its been i think just over a year since i did the blue tapestry...and started painting as a result really, i was thinking about it the other day, my art has changed much since then but im more satisfied with my work then i used to be even if my output is slower now.

Richard III's bones being found in a fucking car park is literally the funniest thing ive learned ALL year. These gansey jokes really write themselves

If you havent watched paddington 2 then what are you doing with your life really πŸ€”

I miss making books...the feeling of holding one youve been working on for months in your hands for the first time is probably the best feeling in the world for me... πŸ˜”

Just wondering would anyone be interested in me making an inprnt or society6 or smth similar for prints (?) πŸ€” i dont really know which people use most often but prints have been a pain for me to ship on my own 😞 .. s6 would be interesting if anyone wants tapestries or smt

Its the beginning of halloween and i rise from my eternal halloween grave which i never really leave to say its ghost time.

Sarah is going to murder me with my favorite book one day and ill just accept it.

This reminds me i havent updated my website in months rip

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