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hey , I'm Nicole, a Designer & Illustrator from Toronto. I usually draw fantasy, & historical art, and love book design✌️

πŸ’€ Rauviel.Etsy.Com

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I don't have anything thoughtful to say for the year end other than it was very rough and I spent 8 months of it in burnout(I still am), but I'm proud of myself for all the work i put into fodlans fables and I can't wait for everyone to finally see it in 2021 so here's to that ✌️

Breaks my 18 day twitter hiatus when I see my son Noah like

I was feeling a little bit nostalgic so I went to go look at my store and read through all reviews people left me over the years...people were so nice to me, really grateful for everyone who supported me back then πŸ₯Ίβ™₯️

These 24hr stories mean I can finally abandon instagram since that's all I used it for.

I will draw one to match the one from last year. Crawls out of my 2 month art block to do this, as a treat.

For 5000 RTS I will finally pick up my tablet pen again to draw the cover of tdt#2 as a favor to everyone in this fandom.

Happy Halloween please watch Black Sails β˜ οΈβš”οΈπŸŽƒ

I think it's baffling that there's a myth of artists making any semblance of stable income on art alone. You have to be either really lucky, have some sort of external fall back/financial support or have higher connections in order to make a decent living off it.

No art on this count anymore just me talking about books I read and giving you television recommendations.

The Great Canadian Baking show is astoundingly better than GBBO and season 2 has been my favorite season in any baking show. Amazing contestants, the judges are fantastic (Bruno Feldeisin is a joy to watch) and Dan Levy is here. I will not be taking critique.

I've been eagerly anticipating this books arrival since I preordered it ages ago and it's absolutely gorgeous both writing and art. I would absolutely recommend picking The Magic Fish up I could pour over the pages and details for hours. Really breathtaking.

Hi Happy Halloween everyone I will try and draw some ghosts this month it's been rather rough lately but October is usually when I rise again.

I need to paint stuff again tbh it's been a bit (see: paint stuff I can actually post) πŸ™„

LB is out today waits patiently for my copy to arrive to reread😭...I've spent a lot of time reading at night recently (been going through JA lately lol) and I have a few of books coming in the mail but if you guys have any favorite books you'd really recommend id be all ears πŸ‘€

Wasn't quite sure how to go about adding glasses to a medieval au without them looking goofy because medieval glasses absolutely do look goofy so I just made Alice holding a pair πŸ˜‚

Nicole -10/10
Nicool - 10/10 - ur Tabita or you've never interacted with me personally and my display name has successfully misled you into thinking I'm 'cool'er than I am
πŸ…±οΈicole - πŸ…±οΈlamp only
Nic - 0/10 - ur not my sister
Rauvi/rauviel - I don't hate it but it's weird

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