The thing people miss about #desktop #Linux is: it's not that Linux users are using Linux purely for ideology, in most cases. If I could get everything done on Windows in a similar amount of time with a similar level of satisfaction, I probably would.

But I can't. I can't use a tiling WM. I can't use BTRFS or ZFS for my external storage cluster. I can't have a decent package manager or functioning containerization or a command-line driven workflow.


@tindall When using Linux, I feel like the computer is helping me do the stuff I want done. With windows, it feels like I am doing stuff for the computer. It’s mostly a feeling or a mood I guess, as I could probably get everything done on a windows as well, even if it’s always nagging at me for something I didn’t do or buy. But the windows updates just killed it for me.

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@RampantPanda @tindall Good description, I feel similar. But it only happened after consciously dropping some layers of perceived comfort and accepting to sometimes dig deep to find out why stuff doesn't work.
But once you realize you CAN dig deep if you want and need to, it feels like a big enabler.

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