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Nice to meet you everyone! I'm a newbie artist to media space and accidentally found out this peacefull place. So... I'm hobbyist and love to draw natural and cozy things, creatures and people. Also a big fan of any art of other creators. I'm so excited to be here ☺️

Landscape oil painting. That's all what I have for now.πŸ¦‹ πŸƒ 🌿

I was waiting for summer, the weather finally got warmer, but it's cold and snows today... so I'm still waiting.

Found a sketch from 2012, when I only started to learn how to draw. Of course I wanted to draw anime characters, because I didn't really
know anything elseπŸ˜† So I made a quick redraw some weeks ago.

2018 was a fine year in art for me. I wish everyone to have diligence and inspiration in 2019!

I draw characters in my sketchbook in breaks between uni classes. To at least somehow get rid of stress in the end of the year.πŸ“• πŸ“

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