Serious question. Doing some research on and religion, communities and beliefs. Why do all the communities look like websites from 2005...

Meanwhile does anyone out there know of any really active communities about the above?

@RaeYcrep I know of really active Wiccan communities online during 2005! But not these days, sorry.

@tomasino that's ok! A lot of what I'm finding seems to be from then.

@RaeYcrep Witches Brew ruled the net in the late nineties and had a great webring associated. Lady Morgan Moonstone was at the helm. She, sadly, passed from cancer a while back.

@RaeYcrep This made me laugh as I used to co-run a pagan community web site in...the '90s. Complete with sparkly animated gif banner exchange. 😂 I guess nothing much has changed.

@andy oh yes and the colour scheme of purple on a very different shade of purple!

@RaeYcrep it seems to me that most have been "sucked" into Facebook and few other "silos".

I've been making an effort to revitalise #email (mailing lists) and #XMPP rooms.

We have one that includes #pagan philosophy/lifestyle.

@tomasino @andy

@orbifx @tomasino @andy I have found a few on Discord. One which is very well organised and has a lot of educational materials and another that's fun where everyone learns a thing and shares it and is a lot smaller.

Obviously I'd love to meet up in person with groups in my area but unless there's a legitimate list I'll be wary of that!

@RaeYcrep @orbifx @tomasino Have you checked with the Pagan Federation if there are any organised groups in your area? The few PF moots I did attend back when I was practising were - at least in my experience - safe and well organised.

@andy @orbifx @tomasino looks like they have moots but three only in Ireland. BUT I didnt knownthis existed so I'm going to check it out and email a few people!

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