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Dia daoibh! Labhraím Béarla agus táim ag foghlaim . Rae is ainm dom agus mise bean.

Hello! I speak English and I am learning Irish. My name is Rae and I am a woman.


- Cars, driving
- Art, fashion, couture
- Audio books, books, reading
- Tech, computers, mechanical things
- cheese and ham toasties, roast chicken dinner

- Driving in snow
- Noise
- People who Reply All/don't BCC
- Beetroot, olives
- "The Cloud." Always on Internet

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I'm a miserable twat on tw*tter so on Mastodon I will be your cheerleader. I will give advice! I will be fffuuunnnn. I will be your soundboard. I will provide both cat and dog photos to help heal your day. I will read you a book in my stuffy English accent before you go to bed.


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moar posting is needed. the post engines do not have enough coal in their boilers. there is not enough posting pressure in the system. posters in the lower levels are starting to freeze to death. please consider posting today.

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Recommendations for group video calls that are not Zoom/Microsoft/Apple/Google?

I've been reading a little about Whereby, which looks good...

Any thoughts?

"Where's X gurl?"
"Here's the thing. That's just literally the nearest place with a name to me. But if you have the Eircode-"
"Directions are grand."
"Do you have a pen and paper?"

Government: Look at this cool thing called Eircode! It is unique per house! Meaning google maps can work better!
People of Rural Ireland: Fucking finally!
Courier Companies: HUR DUR WHERE U LIVE.

Put the Eircode into Google maps on your bloody phone and as if by magic you will appear.

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"Shake it Off" as #gaeilge "Béic Amach", pulled off with great energy and surprisingly good lyrics:

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i'm broke again, need groceries again.

if anyone would like some music downloaded from youtube and converted to a format of your choice, you could pay me to do that.

but you can also just help me get enough money for food cause you want to, or boost this post! :blobcat:

any amount helps:

#TransCrowdFund #DisabledCrowdfund

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Finished this sculpture in stainless steel. it is called 'haiku'.

Today I'll be designing boxes and a logo for my husband as he bakes loads of sweet treats in the kitchen.

That was the plan instead I woke up to the sound of him sharpening his kitchen knives.

Serious question. Doing some research on and religion, communities and beliefs. Why do all the communities look like websites from 2005...

Meanwhile does anyone out there know of any really active communities about the above?

My favourite types of phone calls from my mother are the ones that start "Right, don't panic, but..."

A lot of my art is exploring story telling. Here's a fictional example:

UK: Man in his 30s in hospital after assault.

Ireland: Padraig O'Sullivan (35) in hospital after encountering Mike O'Shea (47) while out checking cattle. Locals say this has been going on since the Kelly's sold the farm back in the 40s and Maire O'Sullivan passed away in the 1980s causing the two community families to come to blows over the distribution of the land. O'Shea is due to appear in court this Wednesday.

And I am done. Last assignment in, digital portfolio and exhibition submitted. Now they can all feck off.

Today is college deadline day.

They extended it to May 1st but I am keeping to the original so I don't slack off until the last minute.

I have put together project proposals, report, spreadsheets in excess of tens of thousands of words and I still can't bash out 800 on this fucking essay about ICT.

So far I have "social media bad. Here is source."

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I figure its time I make a post. Hi, I'm Flynn. I'm an artist, prop maker, computer programmer, LARPer, Flow Artist, and aspiring Clown.

As an artist, i love sculpting, conte crayon, and acryllics. My art flows in to my prop making, where I love to incorporate the use of robotics and electronics to make certain props come to more life.

I work in Cybersecurity, nuff said.

I am studying to be a Clown alongside Circus Freaks! Its an amazing experience.

Nice to meet everyone!

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It's worth noting that due to GDPR there are a lot of things we have to consider before we install the cameras.

If we don't follow the rules/law/legislation then getting the CCTV is pointless.

It quite literally isn't as simple as banging a few cameras up.

We are getting good, old fashioned, CCTV. Like, the ACTUAL definition of CCTV. And not a doorbell with an app and third party storage.

Fuckery from a neighbour (not a neighbour but someone who wont let go of 6 acres next to us so pops back to a dilapidated house on the land to turn the lights on) has caused this.

An Gardaí were called at the weekend after fucking up a farmer's property because it used to be her grandfather's.


Mastodon desktop clients! Go!

Used Whalebird for a while but it was clunky!

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