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I'm a miserable twat on tw*tter so on Mastodon I will be your cheerleader. I will give advice! I will be fffuuunnnn. I will be your soundboard. I will provide both cat and dog photos to help heal your day. I will read you a book in my stuffy English accent before you go to bed.


Last week was bollocks but my talent returned today. Much to my happiness. Please gaze upon a portrait called "Headache". Or whatever. I'm all out of protentious art titles.

Update on internet argument. With each step I managed to correct her misconceptions yer wan couldn't think of another argument, so invoked that all meat and dairy causes cancer. So in some way Godwin's Law kinda forced me to stop replying.

All I wanted to do is play Cities Skylines and listen to an audio book. I need someone to intervene when I see something I want to reply to online...

I run a sustainable blog thing. When I say run, I mean I forget about it frequently and really only play with the instagram account. ANYWAY. Pig sick of the anti-meat rhetoric from a certain demographic of people from America. Just because your beef industry is bollocks and a shit-show doesn't mean everyone elses is? Okay?

I don't know why I jump in on arguments because I really can't take the anxiety of it!

I am trying to embrace life. I have a student card which means all the discounts. That and I am trying TRYING to stop using the car so much. So I look at taking the train to Dublin; student railcard amirite? IT'S MORE EXPENSIVE. Fuck sake . Then if I book within the week it's literally only one euro cheaper.

Now if you ban cars based on CO2 g/km then GRAND but still only the poor will be hit by that (people who hold on to cars for longer, who cannot afford the initial cost of a hybrid or electric). Most luxury car manufacturers have a plug in varient of their big cars (7 Series for example) so they can sell to markets that have these bans.

Any way, I was having a good day until some prick was wrong on the internet.

Qashqai - 4315mm in length, 3,340lbs curb weight
A7 - 4974mm in length, 3,737lbs curb weight
7 Series - 5098mm in length, 4,442lbs curb weight
(from respective wiki pages, have a bollocks of a time getting information from the manufacture directly).

So with the SUV ban they would have some how removed the smaller car from the road. Okay.

Nissan Qashqai - One of the most popular SUVs here in Ireland. Used a lot as a family car, to and from school, extracurricular activities etc. Would be banned if there was a blanket knee-jerk reation towards SUVs here in Ireland.
Audi A7, BMW 7 Series- 4 door saloon, popular among businessmen, older couples. Would not be banned because lololololol it's a car not a tank.

Having a gas rant on Twitter about the retarded rhetoric here in Ireland to ban SUVs because they're too big. Sit down, buckle up, I'm about to hit you with facts.

Who is Declan, and why are they sending me a link to The Streets of New York by The Wolftones on Viber?

Today was a migraine day but I went into school because I was excited to try printing. But my teacher wouldn't let me struggle through. She gave me the keys to the library where I turned off the lights, hid in a corner on a sofa and fell asleep listening to an audiobook. I left early as food and painkillers were needed.

Progress on my decent into . Finished a bunch of Peter F. Hamilton which I enjoyed immensely. Now on to Alastair Reynolds purely because I love the narrator John Lee. However I have to go back and start again because all the timelines are bloody confusing.

Greetings. College is kicking my arse. You can see progress

Greetings from college where I am about to start a lesson on communications. Such as sending an email. It will be a long hour.

I forgot there was meant to be a power cut today for maintenance. Issue being. Everything we have runs on electricity. Our well pump (no water), gas cooker (fuck knows), kettle, router, modem... etc. So I abandoned ship and now I am in town. But there's only so long I can sit here titting about.

I also registered at college and got my student card. Went right in to town to get a discount on stationery.

Update: I have given up on Raspbian. I am now going the way of Ubuntu.

I had a laugh trying to build my own dashboard, and got hung up on trying to get my Outlook calendar to come over. I gave up.

Now I am going to look into MagicMirror2. And see how useful it can be as a simple screen dashboard.

After having to prick about with because *someone* added *all* the microsoft pages to the default blacklists I now have working. HOWEVER. I just cannot work out how to get an for Outlook Calendar. All I want to do is pull my calendar to my server so I can display it on a local page (think of it as a home intranet). HELP. Would appreciate a boost if you know someone who can help or know of a FAR easier way of doing this.

@UnixAnt perfect. I had 0 2 */5 * * - which I am hoping is every five days at 2am...! In fairness I could have it go every day.

With apt-get upgrade - if it doesn’t have an update will it hang on that or skip over? And yup I’m in crontab; thank feck it’s not vi!

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