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I'm a miserable twat on tw*tter so on Mastodon I will be your cheerleader. I will give advice! I will be fffuuunnnn. I will be your soundboard. I will provide both cat and dog photos to help heal your day. I will read you a book in my stuffy English accent before you go to bed.


I wish that I had smellivision because my greyhound just sent me the most perfect gift via Air Mail just now and I'd love to share it with you all so I don't have to sit here and choke on it myself.

Today I went to the beach. I took photos. On a DSLR with dust on the sensor.

Hot chocolate and gaming - absolutely tearing up this Friday night.

I am in need of the makeup gadgets in Fifth Element (and the nail varnish yoke yer wan on reception has).

Well fuck IKEA and the cheap-ass wooden horse they rode in on. I booked and paid for today being the delivery day. Said it would be delivered today. All I got today? Fucking notification from AnPost saying my "parcel" (it's a fucking DESK) is in their national hub. THAT ISN'T IT BEING DELIVERED TODAY YOU BUNCH OF SCANDINAVIAN COCK WOMBLES.

Another request: and together we should be able to find/design a better version of this mug? I used to have one that said "I like my coffee like my magick." but I think some tightass in my last job made it go away. If you design it I will buy it!

I think my favourite feature of Mastodon is the way I have seen it completely fail to thread Toots. This is a blessing. If I wanted to read your blog post I'd go to your blog. Chill with the threads. Get out of that habit. Stop.

Morning! Today I have the tedious joy of waiting for a delivery. When it arrives however, I will have the tangible joy that is rearraging my studio and setting up a new desk. And then you will all have the joy that is seeing the photos of it I'll spam later. Gosh, you're so lucky!

It's very important in this house that all animals are trained to not respond to the loud and innumberable deaths of Hellspawn.

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Dear hive mind, how can I get rid of Amazon, Facebook, and Google on my phone and still have some reliable messenger and navigation?

When I get around to sorting out the I want a dashboard full of physical buttons and switches. All of which clunk and click loudly. And I especially want push buttons that light up red when activated. Full LCD dashboard, too. OR voice activated keyless start where I can go "full power to the atomic turbines!" and the engine turns on. This will all be very simple to set up, I'm sure.

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why can't people just leave fucking voicemail, my god, if it was important then leave the voicemail and i'll call back, but i'm not going to take a fuckin number i don't recognize

Look, when I dye my hair we all just have to accept that means my neck, arms, and hands as well.

I will say that there's only one road in to my area, we have our own water source, we live in a small glen with bogs either side. It's a very defensable position should the world go to shit. So HMU if you need a place to pitch a tent during the apocalypse.

I have returned to my mountain. Though by pretty much all definitions of the term it is not a mountain. BUT it's high enough that if a tidal wave hit Cork harbor I'd be grand.

I think the lunchtime rush of corporate types at this coffee shop is my cue to leeeaaaavvveeeeee

As a accessories are everything. Not my daily driver but a '79 Ford Capri. This is what she looked like when I first got her, but a hilarious electrical failure (and my medical issues) has her not moving for 12 months. If you know someone in Ireland that can come over and help me out that'd be awesome ;)

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