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made a update
Nova now has white hair! originally in the lore of things she had coloured hair due to it being common practice for hunters needing to be spotted in the snow...but that now seems weird to me. so I defaulted to her natural hair colour--which is white.

featuring her girlfriend Rylan

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A sketch page featuring my oc Rosa + other people's oc's in Indieville. I might do a oc tag about her! just wish I drew more completed photos of her...!

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a sketchy bust of my friends Rahiri --the beautiful orc barbarian. was in the mood to doodle muscle girls. wanted to draw a lot more today but just ended up doing this

multiple eyes/mouths/ religious imagery Show more

(pls fullview) Bart has... an interesting hunch

Techie (yes in the cat robot) should really take red flags more seriously

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Hi, I'm Steven! I'm an illustrator and background designer for TV animation! I also sometimes make comics and work on video games!

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A few more designs from a while back!

( ) i need to learn how to draw Todd and Dirk but hey, if you like sci fi/fantasy/humour/murder mysteries... by god please watch Dirk Gently's on BBCA ITS GOLD

You know sometimes you just cant contain yourself

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long post; my vampire OCs b/c your sister should totally share Show more

just finished his new app sooooo heres a small summary

*Name: Techie (keeps orig name a secret)
*Trans boy
*Datashifter. he agreed to be a lab rat for a experimental technology that wanted to replicate the cells of a shapeshifter and their abilities, but the project didnt go as expected- the nanotechnology works though.
*can shapeshift in theory, hard in practice
*loves chiptune music & electronic music

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