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An orca swimming through garbage sees a baby seal in distress and rescues them! (They're all salmon-eaters so...)

My friend thinks Premiere is crash-proof? Is that true? Will it crash less than kdenlive?

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My friend is trying to convert me to Adobe, what say you? Comparisons? Opinions?


I want to make it abundantly clear that this is NOT my original design, it's fan art of @snatti89's Toki. I'm a huge fan of Atey Ghailan and when I saw the "Cooling Off" prompt I immediately thought of Toki.

Atey, if you see this, hope you like it! :)

My full piece for 'The Sea Unseen: A Marine Zine' - I had so much fun painting this harbour seal!! You can find the zine for $1 at

attack of Sunshineara5's character, Adelaide Hunter (#1525733)!

This piece took me a while because I've never drawn a sea serpent nor a more active water scene before, but I'm super proud!

If you're doing AF this year, hmu!

Art: Fruity Friday (Oh, wait... :/ ) 

“Still Life 6” - Mottled green “alligator skin” tall rectangle. Scattering of 15 white rectangular tiles w/edges of red, orange, or green. Gray 1950s kitchen clip @ lower R. 1970s red apple painting above that 3 round glass mixed fruit paperweights nearby. Trim: 2 coppery enameled Art Nouveau fairy figures, tiny trophy line drawing, & 4 vary-colored textile clips. Text: “The hungry colors always work best for me.”

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FUN FACT: sharks don't have bones, instead they have cartilage.

It's been soooo long since I've painted on wood. I forgot how much fun it is! I tried a few different things with this one. I used a white ground instead of the transparent one I normally use, and I learned a ton working on this little guy.

hey why's tentacool look like he's just got weird feet and he's standing on them

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