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All the time I try to keep a schedule and handle tasks on my to-do list efficiently in a timely manner but then I lose track of what I'm doing and become so, so lost. My inbox is so full of emails I'm almost out of gigabytes. My files are flooding the desktop again. I have to start over :')

I'm surviving this pandemic largely due to friends and the community. I'm grateful to have supporters for my art. I find it's nerve-wracking for all creators to make things and not know exactly how it'll be recieved but in my experience all our creations are what makes the world an interesting place to be in. We get to dream/imagine things, make things, discover things all the time!!

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Some news updates! It's been challenging to have to rearrange and reorganize everything but I'm now much better equipped to deal with working remotely and onsite (they call it hybrid-remote?). Just like you hear about, Krita works very well on XP-PEN and Huion I can report!

Thinking about eight-legged bears, spider-bears, because, why not!!

Total parts: two Raspberry Pi W's (one $5, one $10), a couple of SD cards (<$20), a USB-micro Y-cable (<$5) to hook both up to a salvaged 5V/3A power supply, and a couple of salvaged USB-micro cables with the +5V lines cut.

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Hey! Idk when my paycheck from my new job is coming in! I'm stressing out!
Here is a painting I made last year, it is available for purchase. If you are interested please DM me. I can only ship to persons in the USA.
$50 including shipping.

Some pixel art practice pieces using procreate. Might try to make these into gifs later.

Now a little bit older! (I know this is an odd departure from the usual art but I'm experimenting!)

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I worked all day so end the day with this final sketch of a mushroom study and themed character design.

A look at my sketch process! I'm not feeling too creative lately but I'm working on it!

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