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Week 2 of the Stranglethorn Bonfire Bash 2021 Art Fight down! I really just wanted to paint some gals on the beach 🥺

Jasriel, Nuvah, and Callia

(Characters belong to: ArchmageArco, Kolvek, and smolgremlins, respectively)

$$ RPG sale for my stuff 

I put my itch catalog on sale for 25% off if you wanted to scoop anything up.

If you play rules-light fantasy, MOON'S SHOT is easy to use.

Want something self-contained in the line of cowboy horror? How about DEVIL, AIM FOR ME.

Or go full Medici and buy everything to support an artist.

I was napping through the sweltering heatwave and I forgot to post this yesterday for International LGBTIQ+ Pride day…
I was invited to make a poster for the 4th edition of Afiches por los Derechos LGBTIQ+ organized by Mirá Mamá and la Secretaría de la Diversidad de la Intendencia de Montevideo. This year’s theme was Beyond the Binary and features several Uruguayan artists, you can check out all their posters over at Mirá Mamá:

Updated my game! Though this is probably the worst time to do anything. I actually feel a little heat sick :(

I don't consider myself having officially survived the heatwave until after sun down but I think I've been hanging in there pretty well! I drank 32oz of iced tea, 24oz of iced coffee, and another 32oz of water. I may not sleep but I'm definitely conscious!

Didn't get any work done today! It was too hot but I survived. Drank a ton of water!

Somebody told me today I should probably revisit this project and maybe try GB Studio! If anybody would like some unedited sound files to experiment with I have something like to 143 saved on my itchio!

Any PNW locals please make a plan to hit up a cooling center this weekend. Charge all your devices and power banks before the weekend hits because there may be rolling black outs. I saw a tip circulating about freezing water bottles and filling your tubs and sinks with cold water. My aunt is on the phone with me crying. Be careful and be safe this summer! Drink water and be careful!

I'm easily exhausted so spending only 25 to 40 minutes on any one thing really helps.

Using a pomodoro app to get back on a better schedule (I take both short and long breaks to walk around and drink tea). I'm not necessarily getting more done but I feel more accomplished with this task list, now that I can keep track of what I'm doing and what I'm doing next.

To cut down on waste, save material, and time I'm going to hand animate some things and overall use a mixed media approach. If I need more materials later I'm getting them from ScrapPDX and the remnant bin at JoAnn's when I can! It might end up looking a bit chaotic if I'm not careful but that's to be expected as I have very little experience! But that's the cool part- I'm going to gain it!

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