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Yesterday an anatomical model slid off my desk and broke on the ground. I tried to glue it back together and it seems okay but will have to be gently handled from now on. I'd show you a photo but it was sort of graphic even for plastic! Glue is my best friend lately but it's hard to have the right kind that will reattach all the cardboard, plastic, metal, and foam I go through!

I have no idea if videos post properly here so here's a screenshot from the other day. I've been showing my sketches a lot because it's been a while since I've really documented any of the process.

Power went out! I have no electricity again. On a rainy, cloudy day too 😅!

the way that sandpaper grits are ranked implies that "1 grit" would just be hitting something with a rock

A couple of things I drew for my students. One asked to be a mermaid, and the other one is really into Breath of the Wild, so I drew one as a mermaid and the other as a Hylian Champion.

I draw a lot but I don't post everything, and then I notice I'm not as lively. So here are some sketches proving I'm alive!

I tried the Krita app on android today! It's not perfect but it works surprisingly well. (I traded in some old devices for credits to use on a refurbished samsung s6 lite with s pen). I also got to test Krita on a friend's surface pro recently- THAT experience was perfect. It'll never be as nice as it is on a computer but sure gets close.

I tried out Dragonframe! The trial leaves a watermark so just ignore that 😅 I won't be funded for two weeks so in the meantime I just practice and plan.

A friend discovered this drawing/sketching site. It looks like it has tutorials, references, exercises - might be a good resource? :)

I've spent the majority of my life knowing zero things about photography and now I got to build my understanding of things like lenses and shutter speed and how many shutter clicks (???) a camera gets before it has to be serviced.

I'm sweating so hard right now. I have one year to complete an animation about an orca. I'll update when I can about it.

Designed paper dice for my table top game! I'm using a combination of tape strips and glue (on a toothpick) but just tape seems to work fine by itself as long as everything is folded well.

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