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I made another voxel but this time I've bigger plans for it :da_grin: and hopefully it will rig up less awkwardly than the crab.

Very happy so many have joined me in making shark people! It's a dream come true :da_la:

My art discord server does a thing where we get together and do Bob Ross paint a longs. I think I might post some of them here.

I was today years old when I discovered Krita had a batch export layers in script tools.

Today's prompt was "hands on" and I didn't want to video a whole new thing for it so here's a bunch of tutorial pictures for the beanie dragons stitched together into a pseudo-video. With bonus appearance by Ramses The Great [Pest].

*bursts in the door, 10 min late, out of breath* i'm sorry, there were /so many/ worms trying to cross the sidewalk today...

Pro tip for folks in Seattle: Don't throw out your well-worn/too-small shoes, take them to! They do good work.

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did you know anyone can make a zine? ah, yes but did you know you can EMBED THEM?!? 

Spent the afternoon playing with a toy called the Electric Zine Maker and made an 8 page zine-shaped thing that can be read embedded on an HTML page.

How neat is that?

Got some neat @RAPIDPUNCHES art on the cover, too.

Good morrow unto ye all!

I hereby declare it, Pixel Art... *checks calendar* Toobsday! :louis_toots_too: :squishygecko:

Send in all your pretty pixels :D

And remember you can submit your art to be featured alongside a pinned toot about you, as our profile header image! Just send your art as 1500x500px (or I'll crop my end if you like) with the tag for submission ^.^

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