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Pro tip for folks in Seattle: Don't throw out your well-worn/too-small shoes, take them to! They do good work.

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did you know anyone can make a zine? ah, yes but did you know you can EMBED THEM?!? 

Spent the afternoon playing with a toy called the Electric Zine Maker and made an 8 page zine-shaped thing that can be read embedded on an HTML page.

How neat is that?

Got some neat @RAPIDPUNCHES art on the cover, too.

Good morrow unto ye all!

I hereby declare it, Pixel Art... *checks calendar* Toobsday! :louis_toots_too: :squishygecko:

Send in all your pretty pixels :D

And remember you can submit your art to be featured alongside a pinned toot about you, as our profile header image! Just send your art as 1500x500px (or I'll crop my end if you like) with the tag for submission ^.^

I will say, that Storyboarder is continually getting better, is free, and is becoming a viable option for storyboard artists who can't afford Storyboard Pro. Some really great tools here.

Just waiting for them to make the iPad version and layer support.

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this didn't turn out at all like I wanted, probably in large part because I didn't bother learning how to use watercolour pencils, but I'm glad I tried

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I'll post some of my business work I'm particularly proud of from time to time, it helps bridge the silence -- I appreciate it's not why a lot of you follow me.

Enjoyed applying my free-time studies of environmental illustration to this one.

Have you heard about that thing that octopus do- apparently they can and will punch fish out of pure spite!

I remember wanting to make something that I thought would be really cool only to have an art professor tell me "don't draw things just because you think they're cool". Sadly at the time I revised and re-pitched a new project that would be acceptable for academia. I kind of regret having done that. I think I should've painted a giant fish anyway and said "here's my giant fish that's really cool please enjoy".

This was due to our frustration over the world's current events! We just want to make fun things. (I myself make a ton of fish and shark drawings).

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