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Sometimes when people do interviews of creatives they ask what their favorite tool is and I have several but if there's one I can't live without it's this:

It's three different sizes of tubes, and three different poky-sticks. But I only care about the smallest. I have two sets of these, because the smallest tube went missing from the first set, and now the smallest tube has gone missing from the second set and it is the *only* way to turn the baby dragon tails.

These are the thumbnails for the the Five Torches Deep illustrations, I only this year or so started regularly incorporating thumbnails into my process and i am truly a fool for not doing so sooner 1/3

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Blue ink on heavy paper.

Huevember in October 04-08!

Dipping into some figure work, trying to pay attention to values. This is a very nice way to try out the brushes and effects before committing to a larger painting with them.
It's hard not to fix everything in these, but I'm learning a lot about not doing only a half-hearted sketch, but really digging into it, and hopefully doing multiple iterations in the future.

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It's not the best and I accidentally pulled off one of the belly lines but...!

I have 168 updates available for my computer. It makes me feel irresponsible to procrastinate but if I want new features I'd better do it 😅

Now I have to fix something I drew on the wrong layer again x'D

I'm sure there's a tool or setting in Krita I could work with to get this inky, almost Quentin Blake line style but here I just use the inkpot.

@popolon GIMP stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program, so I've recently started using the abbreviation as GnuIMP as suggested by other mastodon artists.

I did try the Glimpse fork briefly and there isn't a whole lot of difference I think.

I think Krita has a more advanced brush engine than GnuIMP. I mainly just draw instead of paint so either program works fine. I like the Krita UI best, and its color labelled palette!

I've been using GnuIMP so long it just feels weird not to use it but I will take it into Krita later to color.

Cut up four thrifted articles of clothing to practice using the sewing machine with yesterday and I think it went well. I sewed a pocket on backwards though and realized I have no seam ripper in my craft box.

It's now been confirmed that most of my students will be using chromebooks to attend the class via Zoom so I have to tailor the lesson for that! It's a big challenge, but I think I can do it!

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