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Some gouache sketchbook stuff! I was feeling like something looser and more sketchy

My last sewing project was a failure. I tried to make a frog and a crab bean bag but couldn't figure out how to turn the little appendages inside out! Maybe third time's the charm!

So this happened: Gritty Dragon II, with the print fabric on the top of the wings, and forward-swept wings. Except I got mixed up while assembling him, and sewed the 4" dragon body up to the point where I stitched the top of the head, and accidentally sewed the wider, blunter Big Baby head. So he's kind of a hybrid: skinner neck and legs, and downward gaze of the original dragon, but a head that's closer to but still not quite the same as the baby.

Typical Gritty: gotta deviate from standards.

Finally have a sewing machine 😭 ! Now I can make small repairs on clothing and also make things (maybe a tote bag from collected scrap)? But first I have to watch some instructional videos.

Fourth Five Torches Deep illustration, I think this one probably ended up being one of my favorites!

Not art! 

An unfortunate turn of events! I'll be careful and glue this together when I have glue!

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Werewolves? What about wererats? This beastly buddy is leapin' at ya demanding more cheese!

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Anyone know how to put lenses back into the frame?

Anime eye contact and photo filter trend. 

I always secretly thought I looked like Sailor Mercury but the snapchat filter said I was wrong 😑

I saw more crows today (they are still ashy)! I haven't seen any other birds yet but I'm hopeful!

Boring blog toot! 

The entire west coast is still burning and the air quality worsened after a few short hours of improvement. It's officially my birthday now but so many places are closed or too dangerous to go to 😅

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