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The air quality has gone from the 700s to the 300 to 400s! Still hazardous but I found a can of coconut water in the fridge and after I drink it I'm going to draw!!!

I realize the slang may be lost so I'm posting a screen of the dictionary :da_grin: ! 'Shot' in this context means 'thoroughly exhausted' xD

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:DD i worked rlly hard on this.. i love these girls sm

pudding pillow
purin makura

#ドット絵 #pixelart

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Choose one thing to do tonight, or tomorrow, to take better care of yourself.

I'm starting by keeping a journal again, and I'm going for a new journal, and a daily update for 90days to give myself an idea of what my current baseline is.

And my new motto is: Maybe tomorrow will be better.

really, a hermit crab is just like a genie in a bottle if your only wish is to get pinched really hard

With all these fires and power outages going on I shouldn't be surprised or unprepared but somehow I am! I wish I had the foresight to store saltines (or triscuits, or graham crackers) right about now.

Random urge to design a hat that looks like an emperor penguin.

I submitted to an online art gallery type of show but I've yet to hear anything back!

I honestly can't wait for the fall. Autumn is my favorite season of in-between temperatures plus the Halloween! I know we're still indoors but thats the perfect place to be for spooky movies and books.

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