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Any Portland neighbors want free tree planting and concrete asphalt removal?

Last couple of drawpile and aggie .io canvases with my art crew! Sometimes it's good to let loose and doodle!

I'm now in the clear until September 2022 (or a little bit before, that's when I have to travel again 😅). Now I can finish up these next 3 to 4 artworks in relative peace.

Normal blog toot! 

The instructions to join the court meeting was confusing so I screwed up and muted/disabled all audio instead of just the mic and I caught the tail end of my parents getting an okay from the judge and it was extremely informal. If that was it, it lasted like 1 minute, I missed roll call and anything else. My parents apparently left the call after that so I did too after half an hour of other people's court dates. I have no idea what happened.

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Normal blog toot! 

Today is going to be a big day. I got a court appointment to attend online at the behest of my parents, about getting granted co-conservatorship over my sister (who needs 24/7 care her whole life). I got no prior experience and haven't heard from anyone about what this stuff is like but responsibilities over another person's well-being is huge and I'm small. Then if it finishes soon enough I have to hurry to another zoom meeting. I have to finish 3 to 4 art works by Friday too.

So I was browsing poshmark looking for old shirts with whales, dolphins, and sharks and despite remembering there used to be so many airbrushed, oil, and acrylic masterpieces of cetaceans jumping over the moon and flying amongst the rainbows- I couldn't really find any. Then I remembered my lifetime goal is to produce more art featuring sea creatures and was like, "oh yeah I better keep working on that".

Thinking that my next NaNoWriMo should be about a mermaid that turns out to be a robot.

young pope’s little blueberry face when he swims thru the pennywort and pauses and waits for attention

So there's this Krita filter I forgot existed until today. Filter > Artistic > Halftone and then I pick two contrasting colors and set the dot size to something larger than 32.

Hey! Horror story! 

I saw something big moving up my hoodie from the corner of my eye and I think its a spider ah! So I shake and brush my hand over my hood and hair trying to get it. Nothing happens for a whole minute. I start to think maybe it's my own hair (it's messy and short). I can't find anything but I keep looking because I'm "paranoid". THEN! I feel something roll out of my hand and drop onto my blanket. IT REVEALS ITSELF TO BE AN INCH LONG EARWIG.

Where is my mind lately? Making music! These days it's hard to maintain the same consistent energy so everything I make is getting melancholy compared to older works!

Stay cool and drink a lot of water today, friends! 🚰🌊⛲💧💦🚿🍉

RPG bragging moment 

Well this is nice. The publisher of the Trophy game line had nice things to say about my Trophy Dark incursion, DEVIL, AIM FOR ME, on his podcast:

Had a special shout-out to the artists, as well, which includes @RAPIDPUNCHES whose spot illustrations really liven up the page.

the incursion itself:

Anyway. Just taking a quick victory lap, collecting high fives, don't mind me.

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