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normalize scheduling your chores into smaller chunks, and be at peace with taking breaks between those chunks. there's no shame in giving four quarters ass if that's all you can do at a stretch, because .25 will add up into 100

I had a weird dream about magic pencils. Me and a group of people were trapped in a cave but we were each drawing with a magic pencil. Then suddenly some pencils went missing and they started blaming each other. I got accused of stealing by one but they studied my pencil and said "no, this one is yours I can tell because you always over-sharpen yours". I woke up and no? I do not 'over-sharpen' my pencil?! But now I'm going to wonder.

Note to self to change pressure sensitivity on Krita. My hands hurt Dx

I'm struggling and I feel overwhelmed but if a friend told me this was how they felt I'd say to them to take it easy, and to do a little bit at a time. Write down things you want to do- and do them later when you feel ready to. I'm going to do just that!

Crows get all the credit for being smart but once a seagull stole my lunch and now I never drop my guard when they're around!

Sometimes when I'm struggling I think: if someone came to me and presented these same problems then how would I respond? What solutions could I think of from the outside? Some things are really hard to look at from the inside. The most stressful problems make you feel trapped and helpless- so to solve them, you have to detach yourself somehow.

i am completely new to this website lmao.. but here's a miku i drew a few days ago

A scribble before going to sleep.
Buone nanne සුභ රාත්‍රියක්

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