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I drank two (or was it three?) caffeinated drinks today (okay four if I count morning coffee) and now I feel horrible. I don't recommend this to anyone- if you need energy eat oatmeal, take a cold shower, drink some refreshing orange juice. 150mg caffeine * 4 = ... too much caffeine. I regret at least 200mg.

Seems I have to find a way (strategy?) to teach online courses this summer. I've joined Instructables and Udemy as a place to start but I'm scrambling. I barely had it figured out what was effective in person.

I went to take a shower but I should've watched it before I walked away! I accidentally set it up wrong because I'm very foggy.

I'm making a scuba diver! I don't know what I'm going to name him yet. One's in TIC-80 colors and the other's in PICO-8 !

I don't remember if I posted this before! It's very old but I like the composition and colors. I drew it either in Paint Tool SAI or oekaki 😅

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Small vent! 

Tried to go to some sites today but they wouldn't load! I guess they're overloaded. Or! My internet hiccuped. There's just a small handful of things not going my way. I'm having speech problems for some reason. I don't know why but it happens sometimes. I'm not able to pronounce things loudly or clearly or at all. Even when trying! I'm frustrated. Not being able to communicate sucks if I have to talk to other people- like phone calls. And some days it's not bad but sometimes it is.

White folks: Please support and uplift the black folks in your circle, and outside of it. Amplify their voices.

Please visit and support these black artists, and any other folks you know:


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Long time no see! Here is your reminder during these hot humid times to drink some water!

A local artist passed on their pens to me :D so I'm ecstatic

An interesting thing happened to me today. I've been struggling health-wise and feeling bad about my work output lately. Then I open firefox and magically the first article on pocket is this one about meeting goal minimums. I should take this as a sign.

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