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I don't know who needs this information but back when I did colored pencils a lot I'd buy them from a secondhand discount art supply store or some dusty location

so the leads instead were often brittle or already broken-

a quick fix is to microwave the pencils for 3 seconds to melt/reform the lead inside.

I have no idea what direction I was trying to go for in this one

The inspiration well is a lot harder to draw from these days than it used to be!

Collage: Sweets & More 

“Gold Kiss” - Tall rect. wood frame. 2 =/= sections up top w/tiny gray/white/brown rect. pattern (L.) & some lg. piped white frosting shells (R.) Lower half has wood exposed w/grain in vert. position. Items arr. over all: a goldfish, a hand eggbeater, a black spoon w/white handle, & a wh. squ. w/a woman’s head in gray & brown "ink" copied & turned to form a daisy-ish shape w/a cookie @ center.

Text: “Haha had a blank moment or two there.”

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❤️ Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS ❤️ is out NOW.

Congratulations #ubuntu. I hope everybody at #Canonical is focusing on partying! You deserve it big time.

#art #illustration #krita #mastoart

#mermay is coming up fast and all of my patrons are invited to offer suggestions for types of marine life they'd like to see done up as merfolk next month 🐟 🐬


I wonder how many employers will require a "Verified Certificate" to prove that I can do the job.

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