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I have finished making the Animal Crossing Tune Maker

(image export might not work in iOS)

Covid-19 student/teacher resources 

I feel like it's a good omen that I managed to run the programs I tested. It soothes my tortured soul.

The older version of Clip Studio Paint Pro (1.9.4) works and I'm using wine-staging 5.3 and I don't know if it matters but I have winetricks installed, dxvk-wine (should I have tried -bin?), and followed used the workarounds described for ZBrush Core2018. The problem with testing several things at once is I have no idea what specifically triggers functionality. The newer Clip Studio version still won't let you sign in or activate your license.

This time instead of ZBrush 2020 I installed ZBrush 2018. It works as well as you'd expect for needing Wine. I have to mention though I switched to using wine-staging but version 5.3 instead of 5.4 (I should update?).

The aggie io server went under maintenance so here's what I saved before it booted me!

I think I'm done

Havent properly painted in 2 years and never painted water so... I'm satisfied with this x)

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By the way, I want you all to know Krita has the goods.

That Medibang/Firealpaca work in Linux.

So does Paint Tool Sai 2 (even for getting the ID and inputting the license, and dragging the .slc to the same folder as the .exe and init).

Meshmixer also works in both Linux Mint and Manjaro.

I haven't tested Autodesk Sketchbook yet. I'll keep you guys posted about my exploration of Wine country adventure.

So I found something interesting about Celsys (Clip Studio Paint). Apparently its function rides on your ability to open Edge, the M$ browser. AHAHAHAHAHA! Why? Why?! I'm not doing that! I'm going rolling back to a version before the cloud! That is, if I can register my license in an older version without upgrading.... We'll see.

I've been notified that I may have better luck running older versions of Clip Studio (before the cloud implementation). I'll test it later!

I sent an email to support for ClipStudio since the application wouldn't even let me sign in. At the trial window though it gives an error that I can send to Wine devs I guess! So yeah, it installs but time will tell if it lets me use it once they sort out why I can't sign in.

Can you install Clip Studio on Manjaro? Yes. Will it run? I have no clue yet.

I basically got ZBrush in probably 2018 back when I still used Windows. I also have a license for Clip Studio from a few years ago that I'd still like to have access to but it looks kind of bleak. I'll update on this.

ZBrush on linux (Linux Mint installation completed but it looks bad, and on Manjaro it won't start) isn't going too well but I'd love some tips if anyone has any.

ZBrush looks weird (on linux mint) when I try to run it and otherwise it gives me an error on Manjaro when I try to install it. I wonder what the error even means.

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