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And here's the original piece for @kistaro , with an updated line of sight to fit with the new companion piece!

First post, I guess...

Here's my baby boy, Prince Henry. He's originally made for Creature-Crossing, but until I can afford to move him in, he'll have to stay comfy and cozy here!

There's a speedpaint of him, but I have to finish editing it first.

Probably add later, or idk...

Okay I ended up painting a skyscape, tomorrow I’m going to paint the trees and branches, this is a good stopping point

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An old picture from 2011 which I still like! They were supposed to be jellyfish merpeople. Well, they're kinda just ballerinas with jellyfish-inspired clothes, I think.

The sad thing is: I've drawn it in 600x800px, because I didn't think about drawing it larger and scale it down for upload back then... 😂

I want to start making voxels so I redownloaded MagicaVoxel 😊

A Kickstarter RPG Thing I'm In 

Two more pledges to reach 200 patrons!! That’s incredible!! 🎊 🎉 if you enjoy my work consider supporting it on :patreon:

Am I working on another album? Yes! Games are more exciting with sound effects and music so I have to make enough to go with the graphical assets. Enjoy this sample!

This one is louder! By default when I make them my chiptunes are kind of soft rather than brash or bold but I'm getting better at editing!

I've found a way in to shade that I like! Also I REALLY enjoy that any brush can be turned into an eraser. That's so handy. :star_eyes:

This here is Baelfin's (Toyhouse) Blake.
The dragon is Flight Rising inspired (kinda an Imperial without wings). Would be cool to get wingless dragons there. 😍

Rebuilt my wiki in C99, simplified a bunch of things, started implementing some of the modules. Still lots and lots of work to do still..


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