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First post, I guess...

Here's my baby boy, Prince Henry. He's originally made for Creature-Crossing, but until I can afford to move him in, he'll have to stay comfy and cozy here!

There's a speedpaint of him, but I have to finish editing it first.

Probably add later, or idk...

Okay I ended up painting a skyscape, tomorrow I’m going to paint the trees and branches, this is a good stopping point

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An old picture from 2011 which I still like! They were supposed to be jellyfish merpeople. Well, they're kinda just ballerinas with jellyfish-inspired clothes, I think.

The sad thing is: I've drawn it in 600x800px, because I didn't think about drawing it larger and scale it down for upload back then... 😂

I want to start making voxels so I redownloaded MagicaVoxel 😊

A Kickstarter RPG Thing I'm In 

Hey folks! Have you given any thought to backing the TROPHY Kickstarter yet?

I only ask 'cause I'm contributing an RPG scenario with bees and dark underground spaces, gold and desperation, alien intelligence and infection for Trophy Gold that you might dig... though digging back /out/ will be much more difficult.

It's a rules-light RPG and the KS has some super pretty (and exclusive) dice & coins available, so... you know.

Am I working on another album? Yes! Games are more exciting with sound effects and music so I have to make enough to go with the graphical assets. Enjoy this sample!

This one is louder! By default when I make them my chiptunes are kind of soft rather than brash or bold but I'm getting better at editing!

I've found a way in to shade that I like! Also I REALLY enjoy that any brush can be turned into an eraser. That's so handy. :star_eyes:

This here is Baelfin's (Toyhouse) Blake.
The dragon is Flight Rising inspired (kinda an Imperial without wings). Would be cool to get wingless dragons there. 😍

Rebuilt my wiki in C99, simplified a bunch of things, started implementing some of the modules. Still lots and lots of work to do still..


I tried it on a whim and I'm pleasantly surprised. It was updated recently and the lone programmer works very hard! They need love and support from users!

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UPDATE. Paint Tool Sai 2 works on Linux via Wine.

(I'm on Manjaro 18, wine version 5.0 -rc2, and yes the .slc you get from buying the license to Sai Ver.1 works once you drop it into the folder with the .exe).

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