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Boring life update. 

Hello everyone!! My name is Sonia and Im an illustrator/painter from Texas. Im eggcited in meeting new artists and sharing my art with you! ☺️

My birthday food! 

Just a page from my old sketchbook. Pastel pencils, craft paper, 2015. Used these fish in painting later

These mermaid drawings are available as 5x7 prints in my shop (currently as preorders but they'll be shipped out right after they arrive on December 14th) You can buy them individually or together as a bundle!

🎨 Trying out watercolor for the first time… Camellia is a (water) spirit Emryn from #TheWorldNextDoor

✍ Emma the Gemini ♊ from Zodiac Starforce! ★ @zodiacstarforce @PlinaGanucheau #zodiacstarforce #traditionalart #fanartfriday

I never really follow the prompt for inktober and I rarely finish the 30 day challenge but I think it would be cool to make my own challenge for myself to follow. It's good to have small goals!

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