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Hey y'all, check out the .ART directory where you can find people to follow based on their interests!

And add yourself if you haven't already! All you have to do is put hashtags for your interests in your bio.

Felt like doing a drawing of the Mastodon mascot to welcome all the new users!

I'm very excited about all these new artists on Mastodon. I'm a little overstimulated looking at the local timeline but I love all the art!!! This place really is a safe place.

gonna upload some stuff here because why not? sonic redesign from earlier this year

Hello, folks!

If you noticed a minute or two of downtime that's because I purchased a server upgrade and our wonderful host @mastohost was making the switch.

Hopefully this will help a bit with the lag we've been experiencing. :dali_persistance:

I'll update more about how you can support us in the future, but we do have a :patreon: All funds go toward supporting the instance and our community. :bob_ross:

Keep on tooting, everyone! :louis_toots_too:

before i forget lemme do a !! im bee and im just a 20 year old artist trying their best! i hope the best for everyone here and im so happy to be here 💖

i like to dedicate time once per year to draw adeleine

Heres more posca art with a wip pic :D
Remember when pastel goth was all the rage in tumblr? lol i wanted to draw a cute pastel goth girly :D

Is she taking off or putting on her shoes????

time~ Hi I’m Hannah and I’m a comic artist/illustrator and designer from PH. I draw a lot of dreamy things and like cartoons ✨ nice to meet you.


V2~! Hey Mastodon, i’m Hannah and full time comic artist and part time magical girl 🌞 I draw a lot of dreamy prismatic things and I like cartoons ✨ I also read stars and fortunes. 🌠🔮


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