@smbsy thank you so much!! I haven't seen this yet. There's so much to take in! πŸ˜…

I've had this guy on the back burner for like a month? Two months? It's been too long. I just really wanted to paint a turtle.

I have two versions of this: one with line art and one without. I can't decide which one I like better. The whole painting process ended up being quite an adventure, and I'm considering repainting it.

@evilscientistca I found some! I'll be sifting through the user reviews of such items online to gage their quirks πŸ˜…

I know almost zero things about electrical engineering so it's good to find out about all the available options and components that exist for making. So far I have ideas for using conductive thread.

This may come across as a strange question but:

has anyone ever tried, or can try, to complete an electric circuit using a line of metallic ink (such as from a sharpie marker or metallic paint marker equivalent)? Instead of wire? Will it or does it work? I've found no information on how much conductivity the ink has. In theory I want to see if a loop made with metallic ink can connect a battery to a little LED...

I was elected to teach a class on arduinos and conductive thread so now I have to brainstorm a lesson plan involving conductive thread and write a project worksheet and make a video. My ideas are currently a light up sock, a light up hat, or just straight up make a light up fish that screams if you touch it.

Back in my art school days I used to ride the 710 COPSA line from Parque Del Plata to Montevideo almost everyday.
I did a ton of drawing while riding buses since my round trip commute was around 3-4 hours.
This is the Marcopolo Viaggio G4 Mercedes Benz model from the late 80s, one of the older bus models that was running on the line.

I started punch needling today! I had a lot of leftover yarn from previous projects so of course I made another crab.

Have you heard about our Community Challenges yet?

These bi-weekly challenges are for you to learn and have fun while making art. Each time, there will be a new topic!

The current challenge's topic is:
(it's on April 22!)

Create a picture and share your work with us.
No prizes, just fun!

Deadline: April 26

More info in our forums at inkscape.org/forums/competitio


A lil throwback to these super cute lil orb shaped beavers I made and still adore<3

I'm now on homeopathic allergy medicine (because it's non-drowsy) and hopefully my mind will stop ripping through time and space at clock-melting speeds now!

I almost scraped my tablet with a real, regular normal actual pen (a ballpoint)! Whew-that was a close one. My tablet pen is back in my hand now.

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