I have pencils but don't know where they are!

Free clothes, including plus sizes up to 40 

Universal Standard has a selection of tops, bodysuits, and dresses on promo for just the cost of shipping ($15 US, $21.50 to Canada, not sure about other places), one item per person. They go up to size 40 US, and it looks like most sizes are still in stock for every item. (There's a note at the bottom that says the code is good until November 4, but I used it yesterday and got notification that my package is on its way, so...)


Tiny ๐ŸŒฑ cut up a bunch of paper scraps, itโ€™s kinda fun drawing tiny

don't know how to draw pokemon so I decided not to care, anyway here's low effort turtwig

[kinda eye strain]

this gave me a literal headache for three days

The weirdo in me was painting again. Sorry for all the posts. ๐Ÿคฃ

This one was painted in my tiny handmade sketchbook again.

Also thanks for the questions! If I can help, feel free to ask anything watercolor related.

Have an awesome day!

I am going to make the neck longer because if you can see this picture I found of an elasmosaurus, their neck is longer than their body

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I tend to - very often-try some new firm of creating.
This weekend I spend some time on embroidery. It's the first try and meant as a present. What do you think?

I live in perpetual embarrassment of myself so social media is sort of my outlet of expressing this - I look back at things I've done thinking "see that wasn't so bad let's continue :)" and then I draw another fish.

Recently borrowed some books from the library on plush toy making. I really appreciate how good the step by step pictures and included patterns are! Online check out and then appointed pick up was pretty easy. Currently can't use interlibrary loan to get books from other states, but!!! I can still look at everything Multcolib has. I'm on a waitlist for one or two books. Hoping to learn some neat tricks!

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