There is only one known pink manta ray. Scientists suspect his unusual hue is due to a genetic mutation.

(Image: Kristian Laine /

XOD.0IXX is back online! 👍 ✨

I haven't drawn this bab in so long! decided to update their look~ uwu

@david_a_webcomic It takes a really long time to gather an audience. Some people are really lucky and get a large attentive following quickly. The rest? It can take years of an artist posting art into the void until the audience looking for it finds it.

It took me this long (probably 3 to 4 years) drawing fish to make a handful of friends let alone have any following for it 😅

Late V-Day Thing 

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Don't mention it much but I struggle with autoimmunity. I'm either recovering from a flare up or still in the middle of one (exhausting) and I was reminded today that stress contributes! Stress is a trigger! Self-care should not be ignored.

It's so easy to push all the time and forget to relax. I'm tensed up, clenching my teeth, hours a day in concentration working through pain that I'm giving to myself :'S

Take deep slow breaths. RELAX, FRIENDS! Remember to be kind to yourselves everyday.

Busy beaver.

I read that re-introduced eurasian beavers in the UK have helped mitigate flood damage with their dams. Whodathunkit?

@jessioddie I love all your drawings of orchestra/instruments and musicians!

These weren't clouds of cloud, no,
They were clouds of drizzle, layering
The trees and the hills into thickening
Greys. In the fields ahead the drizzle
Swept through in waves, and when
The wind turned it was like
A starfield in my face.

@dotUser Ohh I know that feel x_x there's usually trains of people in there bumping into one another. I've been meaning to check out other secondhand bookstores to avoid the traffic!

I made this head instead of sending out important and stressful emails

But then i sent out the important and stressful email and immediately got some freelance work

So who is to say that making the head wasn't part of the process?

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