The EMMI in Dread kept giving me Blame! safeguard vibes so why not give it a cute little face for a more warm and tender human connection 🙂

9s out of a planned 30s of the dolphin trying to imagine what paradise must look like. It's rough and not completed in editing but I should have more soon! It's been a journey trying new techniques out!

Boring stuff! 

It seems it's been a while since I've updated. I've been feeling under the weather and strangely uncomfortable at all times.

I downloaded the Librivox app to listen to audiobooks while I sleep (I tried ocean sounds and rain sounds but it gave me a headache, BUT audiobooks don't). I'm on several waiting lists on Libby/Overdrive so it might be a while until I get those.

Been on the fence about getting plain ear plugs but I'll give "whitenoise" through the earbuds a few more chances.

my most recent Lancer character, RU_DRA, the incredibly normal and regular NHP

channeling my inner
Gannon Reedy to come up with some nasty little NeoScum
NPC freaks, in order: Jimmy "the" James, dotjay peg, Hyperlink Discreet, and Prostate Smuggler

Hi! First Post! I'm RandomKooldude around the internet but hope to enjoy my time here. I'm an that really enjoys !

Did you know that sometimes I do silly experiments with sounds? 👀 Here's an original song I made back in June, a little short original NES-like 8-bit chiptune. Made in LMMS.

Next week I'm installing another SSD and reinstalling the OS to the tower so I hope all goes well! Believe it or not I usually operate using 120gb of hard drive space all the time, and it used to be fine but animation and 3D are eating up a lot of space so I have to expand.
2021 08 #Sketchbook Digital Zine
how to fold a one-page zine
Print out a free copy here.
Zine Libraries please feel free to print out this zine and add it to your collection.
contact me to let me know

@pagrus it is pretty open up here but our hospitals are a bit overwhelmed, if you do travel up, be super cautious of every place and of any crowds! Vaccination rates are high but delta is still terrible to get.

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