what you need to remember is that back in the 90s, everyone traveled the globe to participate in bloodsport tournaments

why I myself was suplexed through a flaming elephant and then punched 4 hundred and 8 times in a diner while a sad chef watched

Our current is by @brandkopf !

"I'm a hobbyist from Bavaria, doing traditional and digital illustrations. "

If you'd like your art to be featured, it needs to be 1500x500px, and you can toot it to us with the hashtag ^.^ You can include some info about yourself for us to share, or we'll pull it from your profile. :mastoart: :bob_ross:

Here's an alt design that didn't look as good I think but still cool!

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Looking in both directions. :)

Nikon Z6, Nikkor f1.8G 50mm, processed in Darktable.




Pronunciation /riːk/
[with object]
1 Cause (a large amount of damage or harm)
1.1 Inflict (vengeance)
1.2 archaic Avenge (someone who has been wronged)

Old English wrecan ‘drive (out), avenge’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wreken and German rächen; compare with wrack, wreck, and wretch.


It will always be proper for you to lavishly wreak scorn upon the author of these sampler texts.

(Happy Valentine's Day)

I redrew this five times rather than go in and fix or add frames. I was impatient to see it move and here it is! Now that I have the hang of it I wonder what I'm to do next? xD

Enjoy my new voxel crab! I want to rig this to move in Blender so I hope I can figure out all the details. (There's no color when I import it from .obj or .ply so I have extra steps to look at).


If you should draw yourself holding your favourite plant, what would it be?
I know that corals aren't only plants but I love them so much and they're currently dying everywhere.

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