The scarf has now doubled in length and is very lumpy but soft. I'm now in the process of detangling abandoned yarn knots (yarn that I stopped using after it became too knotted) to utilize. I knew there would be a day.

A moody capricorn floats listlessly in the sea... This ink card was done as a reward for one of my patrons.

You can get an ink card just like this by becoming a TRAVELER on my Patreon!

WARNING for users of rolling release type Linux distributions, like Arch or Gentoo or KDE Neon: Qt 5.14.2 will break Krita. Once you have updated to that version of Qt, Krita will not start anymore. Use the appimage instead. See

Update. I am now loom knitting what will be guaranteed to be the ugliest scarf ever out of yarn scraps and unraveled knitted experiments.

@cornflower this is a peculiarly shaped graph regarding sodium intake! I wonder about that sometimes too.

How much ramen should I eat per day? I'm sick and I want soup and ramen is the closest thing to.

please treat your pets better than my axolotl treats his zebra snail

I don't know who could use this information but slimbook is giving discounts and or maybe free slimbooks to open source devs!

@scoots the bumpier and thicker the paper the better too! Hot press paper really hates gouache. I think cardboard would hold up okay in a pinch. Under slightly more optimal circumstances, you can also slap gesso on the back to straighten a warped gouache painting.

Thinly applied paint also dries faster than thickly laid on paint. I once saw a classmate paint a butterfly like that, it just dried as they went along and to this day I've not mastered the technique.

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