I painstakingly dragged 14 .png image files into kdenlive then changed the duration of each one to 05 or 02s and so on. Please enjoy! πŸ˜…

TIC-80 let's you store like two 128x128 sprite sheets (BG and FG). Earlier today I was working on a 128x256 (because that's how it imports and exports as one .gif) of map tiles, objects, and characters 😊

Hey all! You can catch up with my project by exploring this one pack filled with nearly everything I've made this year!

There were upload size limits πŸ˜… so in the future I'll have to set up a drop box where you can download the game assets I made and I'll keep it up to date.


I just recovered a bunch of lost coral, seastar, and seaslug sprites. I don't know if I even uploaded them anywhere before so I'll update soon!

A friend approached me for game graphics. He didn't give me any parameters- just his rough idea sketch, so I redrew it as requested and made sprites! πŸ˜…

Some free game assets I made recently! You can download them from my itchio or my OGA whenever you feel like making games about seals battling penguins for supremacy!

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