I hope I captured the essence of a flappy clapping slapping scallop well! :seahorseL: :seahorseR:

The kids at makerspace chose these animals for me so I made them new and monstrous πŸ˜‚

Working on a set of icons to submit to The Noun Project!

I actually drew these freehand in with symmetry on. I have to trace them in and clean them up next :D

"Taxi Cab Ride" ! This is fresh. It's already looped twice but when I make the package it'll have the once loop! Enjoy~

I want to start making voxels so I redownloaded MagicaVoxel 😊

Am I working on another album? Yes! Games are more exciting with sound effects and music so I have to make enough to go with the graphical assets. Enjoy this sample!

This one is louder! By default when I make them my chiptunes are kind of soft rather than brash or bold but I'm getting better at editing!

I cut out a crab to make a mini cutting board. Now I have to (coconut) oil it to finish!

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