I've been learning about different game formats so I made a 'business card' micro-rpg with a pixel art map. It is all coin flip so your chance of successfully wrangling escaped jellyfish or saving a coworker is 50/50 -ish... rapidpunches.itch.io/jellyfish

An orca swimming through garbage sees a baby seal in distress and rescues them! (They're all salmon-eaters so...)

It is official! I haven't been blasting about it as much as I should because I'm not used to good news.

I got a local grant (RACC, Regional Arts and Culture Council) to "Make, Build, and Learn". So I bought a lens and camera off of ebay (the lens is from youthinfocus Seattle) but I have no idea how to use it. The manual is supposedly 11hrs of reading but I actually should research about lenses too.

I usually have to borrow equipment so this is a new feeling to have my own!

Quirks zooming in and out. I can't rest my hand on the screen but I can live with that!

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