Recently borrowed some books from the library on plush toy making. I really appreciate how good the step by step pictures and included patterns are! Online check out and then appointed pick up was pretty easy. Currently can't use interlibrary loan to get books from other states, but!!! I can still look at everything Multcolib has. I'm on a waitlist for one or two books. Hoping to learn some neat tricks!

I like this chalk tool in Krita! It does what gradients do but grittier.

I'm sure there's a tool or setting in Krita I could work with to get this inky, almost Quentin Blake line style but here I just use the inkpot.

I've been using GnuIMP so long it just feels weird not to use it but I will take it into Krita later to color.

Finally have a sewing machine 😭 ! Now I can make small repairs on clothing and also make things (maybe a tote bag from collected scrap)? But first I have to watch some instructional videos.

Not art! 

An unfortunate turn of events! I'll be careful and glue this together when I have glue!

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Not art! 

Anyone know how to put lenses back into the frame?

Anime eye contact and photo filter trend. 

I always secretly thought I looked like Sailor Mercury but the snapchat filter said I was wrong 😑

I realize the slang may be lost so I'm posting a screen of the dictionary :da_grin: ! 'Shot' in this context means 'thoroughly exhausted' xD

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Last couple of drawpile and aggie .io canvases with my art crew! Sometimes it's good to let loose and doodle!

Where is my mind lately? Making music! These days it's hard to maintain the same consistent energy so everything I make is getting melancholy compared to older works!

I painstakingly dragged 14 .png image files into kdenlive then changed the duration of each one to 05 or 02s and so on. Please enjoy! 😅

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