9s out of a planned 30s of the dolphin trying to imagine what paradise must look like. It's rough and not completed in editing but I should have more soon! It's been a journey trying new techniques out!

I wanted to share this very novel heart shaped golden potato with you guys.

Some news updates! It's been challenging to have to rearrange and reorganize everything but I'm now much better equipped to deal with working remotely and onsite (they call it hybrid-remote?). Just like you hear about, Krita works very well on XP-PEN and Huion I can report!

Now a little bit older! (I know this is an odd departure from the usual art but I'm experimenting!)

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I worked all day so end the day with this final sketch of a mushroom study and themed character design.

A look at my sketch process! I'm not feeling too creative lately but I'm working on it!

The polar bear the orca and dolphin meet recounts the many days and nights of swimming during a storm.

Still working very slowly on a new album that's going to also be the soundtrack of my stop motion!! I'm learning a lot about everything still.

I tested it with water but I might need to carve until it's a deeper cleaner shape. Cork bits will be a permanent layer of sediment on my floor. I tried to clean it up but somehow there's still more!

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