A volunteer at the makerspace prototyped me a dutch knitting pen too! The one on darker wood is the final. The pale one is the first prototype but it still crochets very well. I thought it was very interesting compared to the usual crochet hooks so I thought I'd share!

I know I've been super quiet lately but that's because I've been learning how to knit loom and I made all these ugly hats!!! I've never had the ability to give out gifts so I picked up this skill to finally be able to since yarn is cheap. The downside is I've been at this for a while (two weeks maybe) and my hats still have mistakes in the stitches πŸ˜…!

Boring life update. 

My birthday food! 

If you're curious about the OS I'm using (the kids at the library always are) it's XFCE! Thanks to AUR, the most recent version of Wine, headers, and a lot of libs I can use all kinds of graphics art programs without any issues. I use , , , 2.8 , Meshmixer, FireAlpaca, GraphicsGale, , and ! (I know that's overboard but I really like what each different program has to offer.) It was a hassle before on Mint and Ubuntu so I'm staying with.

It was in color but I chickened out xD. Color while I use it a lot gives me anxiety.

Drew this for a friend who uses a lot of traditional medium (like marker) to layer their art. I kept the sketch in there as a tribute to the style :D

My four day art class where I taught the kids at the library to 3D Sculpt and Print was a success! None of them wanted to follow the lesson plan so I went around to help them individually with their designs.

I dont know what I did but Krita won't open anymore 😭

A friend approached me for game graphics. He didn't give me any parameters- just his rough idea sketch, so I redrew it as requested and made sprites! πŸ˜…

I transferred my WIP files from my old laptop to my new one so I'm steadily working on new art. 🐧 🐦🦈

I made this in today. A better version on the sea slug while I get used to animating and this program.

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