The scarf has now doubled in length and is very lumpy but soft. I'm now in the process of detangling abandoned yarn knots (yarn that I stopped using after it became too knotted) to utilize. I knew there would be a day.

Update. I am now loom knitting what will be guaranteed to be the ugliest scarf ever out of yarn scraps and unraveled knitted experiments.

Food + - 

The older version of Clip Studio Paint Pro (1.9.4) works and I'm using wine-staging 5.3 and I don't know if it matters but I have winetricks installed, dxvk-wine (should I have tried -bin?), and followed used the workarounds described for ZBrush Core2018. The problem with testing several things at once is I have no idea what specifically triggers functionality. The newer Clip Studio version still won't let you sign in or activate your license.

This time instead of ZBrush 2020 I installed ZBrush 2018. It works as well as you'd expect for needing Wine. I have to mention though I switched to using wine-staging but version 5.3 instead of 5.4 (I should update?).

The aggie io server went under maintenance so here's what I saved before it booted me!

So I found something interesting about Celsys (Clip Studio Paint). Apparently its function rides on your ability to open Edge, the M$ browser. AHAHAHAHAHA! Why? Why?! I'm not doing that! I'm going rolling back to a version before the cloud! That is, if I can register my license in an older version without upgrading.... We'll see.

I sent an email to support for ClipStudio since the application wouldn't even let me sign in. At the trial window though it gives an error that I can send to Wine devs I guess! So yeah, it installs but time will tell if it lets me use it once they sort out why I can't sign in.

Can you install Clip Studio on Manjaro? Yes. Will it run? I have no clue yet.

ZBrush looks weird (on linux mint) when I try to run it and otherwise it gives me an error on Manjaro when I try to install it. I wonder what the error even means.

I DID IT. Sadly I was frustrated and had to wipe both drives (I have my art on externals). Now I just have to install every art program I use xD

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