TIC-80 let's you store like two 128x128 sprite sheets (BG and FG). Earlier today I was working on a 128x256 (because that's how it imports and exports as one .gif) of map tiles, objects, and characters 😊

I made this today on (using the symmetry) and cut it out using the epilogue laser mini.

Hey all! You can catch up with my project by exploring this one pack filled with nearly everything I've made this year!

There were upload size limits πŸ˜… so in the future I'll have to set up a drop box where you can download the game assets I made and I'll keep it up to date.


I just recovered a bunch of lost coral, seastar, and seaslug sprites. I don't know if I even uploaded them anywhere before so I'll update soon!

πŸ¦€ I tried... to freestyle crochet a crab applique but it didnt turn out as well as I hoped! The next one will be better 😭

Bad news! Also gross images. 

A volunteer at the makerspace prototyped me a dutch knitting pen too! The one on darker wood is the final. The pale one is the first prototype but it still crochets very well. I thought it was very interesting compared to the usual crochet hooks so I thought I'd share!

I know I've been super quiet lately but that's because I've been learning how to knit loom and I made all these ugly hats!!! I've never had the ability to give out gifts so I picked up this skill to finally be able to since yarn is cheap. The downside is I've been at this for a while (two weeks maybe) and my hats still have mistakes in the stitches πŸ˜…!

Boring life update. 

My birthday food! 

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