I transferred my WIP files from my old laptop to my new one so I'm steadily working on new art. 🐧 🐦🦈

I made this in today. A better version on the sea slug while I get used to animating and this program.

I did it! I got my application stuff in! The Nickelodeon website wasn't mobile friendly so it was very difficult! Almost impossible! I did my best to fill it out though. I hope I have a chance!

I don't know how many of you are interested in animation or have fiddled with it before but you got to check out and turn on the Previous Onion Skinning. The UI is super simple.


I made a little sea slug animation in ! It's rough but I'll get the hang of this eventually!

I've been working hard but I have nothing to show for it yet. Original art is on hold while I try to work and do commissions. My apartment's been flooded Jun 28 - July 30. The library air conditioning unit caught fire minutes ago. Life is crazy!

I have four days to try to make it in! I was going to begin the application at the beginning of this month but all month long I was battling the flood in my apartment. I don't know if I can do it but I'll try!



If you follow my personal mastodon you'll know my apartment has had flooding issues last few weeks. This morning five years worth of art got destroyed. The only things that survived barely are things done with waterproof ink on extremely hardy support/paper. Everything else tore like tissue and bled. I'm in pain right now.

Everyone who submitted anonymously to the zine via tutanota gets extra time if they're having problems signing in! (It's intermittent). I will have to email contributers the best I can 😅

has Line Art Detection, Grow, and Gap Fill!! It has the "All Visible Layers" option!! Look at this! My artsy lines NEVER connect but I can still use Bucket Fill!

:seahorseR: Track 02 Raindrops on the Ocean! From my upcoming album! Best enjoyed with headphones/earbuds in. :seahorseL:

Artist fatigue is a real thing so manage your time well!

My big tip is to design character silhouettes and use those to draft the stories you want to tell.

Add all the details and further flesh the characters out AFTER everything else is done being planned out. Don't spend eighteen hours drawing static wrinkles when you could be getting to the action instead!


Prioritize your health.
Practice the basics.
Don't let fear be a cause.
Be realistic, not cynical.
Always look forward.
Appreciate something.
Reach out to community.
Contribute to society.
Make art with mystery.
Be yourself without apology.
Help someone.
Go outside.

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