Here's an alt design that didn't look as good I think but still cool!

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I redrew this five times rather than go in and fix or add frames. I was impatient to see it move and here it is! Now that I have the hang of it I wonder what I'm to do next? xD

Enjoy my new voxel crab! I want to rig this to move in Blender so I hope I can figure out all the details. (There's no color when I import it from .obj or .ply so I have extra steps to look at).

The arms are attached using button joints (like on a teddy bear) so there's articulation!

I still have to wait a week or two for more felt to arrive but I can get a jump start on felting cores now!

Made a rough idea pattern that didn't work out as planned! I made the mouth too small. Trying for fabric economy but put the head fin on wrong 😂. I almost got this down though I think!

To make circles and ovals, cut squares and rectangles first then trim the corners off!

(Normally I'd cover this in roving or felt but classes have limited time so I just skip to the application of details.)

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