A lonely seagull screaming about the lunch rush and how many sandwiches are on the menu!

I never noticed how much difference color modes had over RAM usage until recently! (This program in the gif is Krita).

CMYK uses 41.5 MiB per layer, RGB uses 33.2 MiB, and Grayscale uses 16.6 MiB! It probably doesn't sound like too much~ that is, until you accrue X amount of layers while multitasking other programs. Save often and back up your important files, everyone!

Crows get all the credit for being smart but once a seagull stole my lunch and now I never drop my guard when they're around!

I went to take a shower but I should've watched it before I walked away! I accidentally set it up wrong because I'm very foggy.

I'm making a scuba diver! I don't know what I'm going to name him yet. One's in TIC-80 colors and the other's in PICO-8 !

Long time no see! Here is your reminder during these hot humid times to drink some water!

An interesting thing happened to me today. I've been struggling health-wise and feeling bad about my work output lately. Then I open firefox and magically the first article on pocket is this one about meeting goal minimums. I should take this as a sign.

Today I was looking back at notes from 2016 for an concept I had for a series about bio/organic exosuit-based society. It was going to be a space opera! I still might go back to it but for now its on hold!

The characters including color schemes are more complex than this but this is the simplified version. My art project/goal lately is complete a guidebook or something on their world!

I made a lot of sketches in Drawpile that I'll polish and post soon!

Victoria is a blue-violet puffin. Erica is the yellow-green shark. Both are track stars. They're seldom apart! They broke a lot of antiques in Erica's mom's store (an incident involving trying on vintage heels) so they're spending the summer at the pottery and glass blowing studio making new souvenirs for tourists.

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