I was elected to teach a class on arduinos and conductive thread so now I have to brainstorm a lesson plan involving conductive thread and write a project worksheet and make a video. My ideas are currently a light up sock, a light up hat, or just straight up make a light up fish that screams if you touch it.

I started punch needling today! I had a lot of leftover yarn from previous projects so of course I made another crab.

I made another voxel but this time I've bigger plans for it :da_grin: and hopefully it will rig up less awkwardly than the crab.

Very happy so many have joined me in making shark people! It's a dream come true :da_la:

Have you heard about that thing that octopus do- apparently they can and will punch fish out of pure spite!

Here's an alt design that didn't look as good I think but still cool!

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