I've heard a lot from people saying they are glad about all these accomplishments they've made this year and ONLY today have I heard people talking about non-accomplishments like "I did nothing this year". I am relieved to have confirmation that I'm not the only one to be behind on work. My backlog is terrifying! Most of my daily routine is troubleshooting and disaster mitigation. I have barely made any progress on things I wanted to work on.

@RAPIDPUNCHES i was adamant that i wrote off 21 before it even got started. i still ended up doing things and accomplishing, despite my best efforts. but i mostly used my write-off to excuse any anti-social behavior and agoraphobic feelings i’m having in response to things trying to “normalize”. i knew setting goals and expecting things of myself was a mistake this year and i was right!
i hope next year is kinder to you.

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