My friend is trying to convert me to Adobe, what say you? Comparisons? Opinions?


My friend thinks Premiere is crash-proof? Is that true? Will it crash less than kdenlive?

@RAPIDPUNCHES lol no. Adobe's shitware is the most obtuse software ever created. It crashes when it wants and gives no explanation. Half the time it'll just refuse to enable hardware acceleration. Modern versions don't run on wine so you have to be on windows/osx or pirate an old version (and then the performance sucks under wine). It uses way to much system resources. And if you do pay (too much) for this dog shit then you have to deal with online accounts just to use it

@RAPIDPUNCHES oh all these complaints are speaking running native on windows 10 (when I had it). My system is more than powerful enough to shred kdenlive/blender at 1080p

R5 1600 @3.8ghz (six core)
1060 6G
16G @3200

Yet premiere brings it to its knees. If you're already using kdenlive then don't even consider it. The only reason anyone picks adobe is the sunken cost fallacy of learning its ui/shortcuts etc or falling for their marketing

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