This may come across as a strange question but:

has anyone ever tried, or can try, to complete an electric circuit using a line of metallic ink (such as from a sharpie marker or metallic paint marker equivalent)? Instead of wire? Will it or does it work? I've found no information on how much conductivity the ink has. In theory I want to see if a loop made with metallic ink can connect a battery to a little LED...

@RAPIDPUNCHES There's literally-metallic ink designed for conductivity; I'm not sure if "metallic" markers have any actual metal in them, vs. just mica flakes.

@RAPIDPUNCHES They used to sell pens with metallic ink for repairing PCB traces. I'm sure they can still be found.

@evilscientistca I found some! I'll be sifting through the user reviews of such items online to gage their quirks 😅

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