@popolon GIMP stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program, so I've recently started using the abbreviation as GnuIMP as suggested by other mastodon artists.

I did try the Glimpse fork briefly and there isn't a whole lot of difference I think.

I think Krita has a more advanced brush engine than GnuIMP. I mainly just draw instead of paint so either program works fine. I like the Krita UI best, and its color labelled palette!

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That's just because of stupid and non-sens rumours, launched by the forkers, where 1 meaning of a word among its meaning, should forbid to use it in other meanings...WTF??? Forking a program for feature OK, just for some false statements about the original authors that spent 20+years of their life to work on it, no way...
Happily GIMP continue it's way. It uses MyPaint brush engines, that will be integrated in Krita too. But yes Krita has another good engine too.
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