Hey! How long does it typically take you to do each of the following in your creative process:

1. Research for a project? (Gathering facts, reference images, inspiration?)

2. Sketch (or make first draft) ?

3. Inks (or edit and refine work) ?

4. Color (finish, rewrite, or finalize piece with finishing touches)?


1. Minutes
2. Days
3. Months
4. Years

I'm mostly not kidding on this, but my medium is board games so 🤷

@RC the more layers something has the more time it'll take :D

@RAPIDPUNCHES I'm hoping that with my new industry contacts and work flow I can flatten the timeline to weeks as an answer to the first two questions and months as an answer to the last two.


@adamk678 Thanks! I'm wired for it! Making little rulesets comes naturally to me.

Just need more grit to do the finishing part of projects!


For fanfiction, not original work:

1. about half an hour depending on how much of the fandom i remember

2. 45 minutes if i'm focused for 1000-1500 words

3. 30 minutes to an hour depending on how happy i am with the work

4. like 10 lol

@RAPIDPUNCHES For a single full-body character:
1. 1-2 hours
2. ~1 hour
3. ~2 hours
4. 1-3 hours depending on style

1. Eternity
2. Minutes in public transportation
3. N/A
4. Hours, preferentialy du ring à stormy night

@RAPIDPUNCHES for my own projects I gotta say
1. It probably takes multiple days to get hit with a good joke to get one of my strips running. Sometimes it takes a full couple of weeks, sometimes three minutes.
2. What first draft?
3. Line art takes about half an hour for a page. I generally write down whatever I have in my head for the dialogue, but I’ve never spent time scripting a strip.
4. Colors and finishing can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, depends on the complexity.

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