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To cut down on waste, save material, and time I'm going to hand animate some things and overall use a mixed media approach. If I need more materials later I'm getting them from ScrapPDX and the remnant bin at JoAnn's when I can! It might end up looking a bit chaotic if I'm not careful but that's to be expected as I have very little experience! But that's the cool part- I'm going to gain it!

I once read an article about used versus new and the line I remember most is "do you want something that's known to be working reliably and has been, or get shipped a brand new item with no history that might be a dud straight out of the box?" I've recieved DOA new items before so it made some sense. The cost of a new camera dwarfs repair of an old camera too... yikes.

It is official! I haven't been blasting about it as much as I should because I'm not used to good news.

I got a local grant (RACC, Regional Arts and Culture Council) to "Make, Build, and Learn". So I bought a lens and camera off of ebay (the lens is from youthinfocus Seattle) but I have no idea how to use it. The manual is supposedly 11hrs of reading but I actually should research about lenses too.

I usually have to borrow equipment so this is a new feeling to have my own!

Quirks zooming in and out. I can't rest my hand on the screen but I can live with that!

Peperomias are a big family of pretty, easy care and pet safe plants. Here's one of mine 😃 (just used pictures ref for the calathea. Beautiful too but much more demanding!)
Les peperomias, une grande famille de plantes aux formes et couleurs variées, faciles à entretenir et en plus non toxiques pour nos amis les bêtes.
Ici j'ai représenté l'une des miennes (tandis que pour ce calathea, vu son niveau d'exigence je me contenterai de photos 😌)

more drawings from the PIGsquad Drink 'n Draw featuring the games: Baddieball, Postamigas, R-Naught, and Camo Chameleon.

You can check the games out here:

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I'm completely out of allergy meds and being eaten alive by mosquitoes during a heatwave. Life is pain, but I'm going to eat spaghetti for brunch tomorrow and that's all that matters.

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