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If you like my art! You can stalk my redbubble and or buy a shirt! And wear it!! I'll love you if you do.

If you're an artist migrating from Tumblr @ me and I'll give you a boost 👍

If anybody wants a sketch I will also accept scans of intermediate piano solo sheet music (nothing Disney, nothing like Moonlight Sonata, Chopsticks, or Greensleeves you know). Due to circumstances I can't afford books or individual song .PDFs so yeah.

!! B&W, digital, only $10. Art in the style of the shark people is $20. Send inquiries to , I'll need a description and photo ref if applicable, plus time. Blank, abstract, simple, and fill available as background options. $5 for each additional character. My traditional ink art is also $20-$30.

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Goodnight scribble.
Sweet dreams. ^^

Buonanotte. *crolla* zzz

Bunny with too many teeth says "goodnight" (actually he doesn't have too many teeth; teeth are good; I like teeth).

I say "goodnight" too.
Buonanotte bimbi belli. ^^

Folks. Slip on your power ties and polish your business cards 'cause I have a business opportunity for you.

You should be sending money to @RAPIDPUNCHES because the return on investment is spookily unreal.

This random assortment of horror friends? The result of an $11 grab bag. That's... criminal, honestly.

Go do some business! Give them commission work! Monster up your home!

haven’t really been posting inktobers here, but here’s a jellyfish for today

A pudgy baby tagula out of water from the Patron prompt, "Overweight" as another of today's catch-up posts. Super cute, but also about the size of a small house.

Look!!! This sweet potato was exactly 1lb and looks like a fat seal. It's going to be delicious 🦈!!!


testing some cotton paper. Probably won't get more of it but it's fun to play around with!

I finished it! :D

Found some discount yarn a few weeks ago and decided to knit up some toques as gifts for my family. Here's the first! I'm so proud of how it turned out!

I used this pattern here:

It's really simple for beginners! I highly recommend it. :)

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