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Highfane advanced class 3/4: Goatknight. It's a goat. It's a knight. Together, they crave that mineral.

"If they try to talk to me my mouth will be full of food and I'll pretend I can't hear them over the sound of my own chewing!"

"Oh," I said, "the ring light always wipes it out, I'll just have to take a picture in the light box."


Standing it up helped, at least. Sheesh. Anyway, I made a vax card holder (basically an oversized luggage tag). It might be a little, uh, extra. Although you can't really see it in the picture, the gold side has a clear vinyl pocket.

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Okay you know how I'm always complaining about how I can't capture the iridescence in stuff?


There really is always "time to do it later" except when it's something that needs immediate attention in the present. Anything that can wait, can wait.

I've heard a lot from people saying they are glad about all these accomplishments they've made this year and ONLY today have I heard people talking about non-accomplishments like "I did nothing this year". I am relieved to have confirmation that I'm not the only one to be behind on work. My backlog is terrifying! Most of my daily routine is troubleshooting and disaster mitigation. I have barely made any progress on things I wanted to work on.

Put my collection of internet-poisoned horror-comedy microfiction up on itch, if only because more people deserve a chance to see that @sajan cover and the @RAPIDPUNCHES interior art.

Now testing the 4th and possible last version of the makerkit loom. Larger, deeper tooth, and easier to hold!

Trial run of a loom prototype (1st iteration) for the Multnomah County library's makerkits. They're creating the 3rd version now with a bit more length and width of dimensions for easier holding! This one is laser cut from acrylic but a cardboard version is also easy to make!

If you've got a creative community project idea that could use a micro-grant be sure to prepare a brief proposal and submit to your local chapter of Awesome Foundation by (I think the next cycle for PDX starts in January but I don't know about other states or countries).

It's been a year since I got sick and the months afterward have been a blur. I have a game to update but I got sidetracked with another project. I made a video for Awesome Portland but it's not quite in its final form yet.
how to fold a one-page zine
Print out a free copy here.
Zine Libraries please feel free to print out this zine and add it to your collection.
contact me to let me know

This was my last commission. Client didn't like it but the subject liked it just fine. I did the left one first because they didn't specify what they wanted and had to do the one on the right when they elaborated.

The pigment is pretty strong in these. I'm going to search for a way to get a pack. I think there's a rainbow brush in Krita too so maybe I'll use it more!

Two more blind portraits! On a fun note, it seems one of the rainbow pencils I was using for some drawings is only two colors and not four like I was hoping, orange and green. I might as well use it until it's a stub and find a different pencil later!

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