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game idea:
Your Parents Never Signed the Permission Slip

Most of the class is at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, having fun. You and your fellow players never got your permissions slips signed, so you're in a classroom, bored.

Find a way to bring the aquarium experience to yourselves. Flood the room. Paint scales on a school bus. Perform damp rites and transform into fish people.

Game ends when the school day ends or when the ocean reclaims you forever.

γ†γ‘γ―γŸγ γ‚γͺγŸγ¨δΈ€η·’γ«γ„γŸγ„ #pixelart #γƒ‰γƒƒγƒˆη΅΅

A volunteer at the makerspace prototyped me a dutch knitting pen too! The one on darker wood is the final. The pale one is the first prototype but it still crochets very well. I thought it was very interesting compared to the usual crochet hooks so I thought I'd share!

I know I've been super quiet lately but that's because I've been learning how to knit loom and I made all these ugly hats!!! I've never had the ability to give out gifts so I picked up this skill to finally be able to since yarn is cheap. The downside is I've been at this for a while (two weeks maybe) and my hats still have mistakes in the stitches πŸ˜…!

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