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I still have to wait a week or two for more felt to arrive but I can get a jump start on felting cores now!

Hey! Affinity by Serif is 50% off! It's a paid program no subscription. They also have the apps and ipad versions with the same discount.

I made some cookies like this in Cooking Simulator and it made me want to draw them. 😊 Strawberry icing with chocolate shavings, and vanilla buttercream icing with strawberries~ 🍓

I was drawing but nervously because the power might go out!

“Hidden Energies” - October 2020
After painting the landscape, I wanted to see how I could bring in some

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted some art, so here’s a drawing of me baking some sweet delicious pandemic bread. Sweet, sweet delicious pandemic bread. Bread.

The theme of this piece from 2010, titled "Swimming in the Deep End", is the conscientious exploration of the depths; whether that be depth of self, or depth of a particular issue; sometimes the answers and meaning we're looking for can only be achieved by diving into the deep, into the dark, like that of the ocean.
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