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Anyone have tips for achieving 70s aesthetic style and design? So far all I have gleaned is wood brown, orange, and beige.

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A blog post by Sevish (also a great composer) on making microtonal music on linux:

Personally (I'm not a musician) I only play some notes in ZynAddSubFX, but that's already pretty fun.
Wendy Carlos non-octave scales are a nice starting point imho to try something new (they are different, but not too different from 12edo).
Her explanation:

I'm grateful to see so much activity online. The world seems really quiet out there.

The scarf has now doubled in length and is very lumpy but soft. I'm now in the process of detangling abandoned yarn knots (yarn that I stopped using after it became too knotted) to utilize. I knew there would be a day.

A moody capricorn floats listlessly in the sea... This ink card was done as a reward for one of my patrons.

You can get an ink card just like this by becoming a TRAVELER on my Patreon!

WARNING for users of rolling release type Linux distributions, like Arch or Gentoo or KDE Neon: Qt 5.14.2 will break Krita. Once you have updated to that version of Qt, Krita will not start anymore. Use the appimage instead. See

Update. I am now loom knitting what will be guaranteed to be the ugliest scarf ever out of yarn scraps and unraveled knitted experiments.

How much ramen should I eat per day? I'm sick and I want soup and ramen is the closest thing to.

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