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I know it's difficult! But you can do it!

I already recieved some of the entries back but I have a few who still need to send them back in! 100!

And I don't know if someone is interested on how I currently draw fur but whatevs:
I use a rake brush in myPaint and then add details in Krita and an overlay layer to adjust things and/or add some other colours (magenta in this case).

Asking for help with small things is a great way to build up the confidence to ask for help with bigger things, too!

A heads up:

There have been reports of phishing attempts made by scammers who copy the profiles of admins of different instances. (Sources:, Possibly NSFW links)

Please be mindful, and don't be afraid to report someone if you suspect a phishing attempt so your mods can deal with them.

We will never ask for sensitive information regarding your account (ie. passwords) over DM.

Just discovered a new type of spam (phishing?) attack on the fediverse.

Someone has been making accounts with usernames similar to the ones admins of Art Alley have, copying our avatars/headers, and sending DMs to people.

Attacker is using random temporarily e-mail providers and their browser locale is Russian.

Lil preview of my summer adventures with Shelltres! What in the world could we be doing? 👀

Available to all supporters on Ko-Fi right now, or in a week for everybody! 💗

24/#365 @RampantPanda

working process 😊
my first jellyfish an my first use of masking fluid.
unfortunately at some parts the paper got ripped of with the mask but i guess its a matter of experience how to use.

happy for advice an experience sharing 🤓

made a scale ps brush after that last art so i don't have to manually paint scales ever again…

attack i did tonight :3c starting to get back into the swing of things i think??

Drew an assortment of polliwoglins to practice my digital inking.

Hello beautiful friend! #weloveslug A Flabellina affinis while #techdiving the Um el Faroud, Malta.

Everyone who submitted anonymously to the zine via tutanota gets extra time if they're having problems signing in! (It's intermittent). I will have to email contributers the best I can 😅

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