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I survived! So far! 

I'm working on new illustrations, pixel art and chiptune but in between I'm playing with new ideas. I want to do voice recordings for NPCs. What do think? My posts and content are always free (CC by SA 4) so have a look!

Today I dreamt Art was terribly depressed, even as he socialised with random strangers and helped them settle into the new neighbourhood… he finally tore up and buried his face in Cat’s chest. Oh, Art, I so want to give you a happy ending!

Alright! After a search on fixative, spray, and sealant I found some ideas on how to do it. Apparently there exists a wax varnish (as opposed to liquid varnish) but some artists use a spray varnish anyway. The trick is speed, and to mount it to MDF board first. I will have to experiment!

How do you seal your watercolor/gouache paintings so that they're waterproof? 😭

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