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To those of you who don't know me yet- hello! I am RAPIDPUNCHES and my art consists solely of fish and sharks, other aquatic animals, and so on. I also compose chiptune and do a bit of pixel art and coding.

I'm vegetarian with extreme food allergies, I love pizza, and deep fried snacks!!

Now that i'm settled in back home, check out this amazing commission I got from Royalty at FE!

As of right now I have around 5 tracks (not very long) finished and I'll try to have a fresh new chiptune album out soon! I have a lot to edit in audacity and a lot more to figure out in either lmms or hydrogen (I haven't decided which program to like better).

Also this is a supportive post for adults taking music lessons:

It's intimidating when you're walking in the door surrounded by 5 year olds that play better than you, but go for it anyway. There are plenty of adults in your footsteps, beginner and non-beginners. You're not too old for new tricks and muscle memory!!!

I refreshed some of my most beloved illustrations so they'd be more attractive on fabric. Here's to hoping somebody gets something !

Very happy to share this with you today! Commissioned by @ryanlittlefield ! A cool mastodon with a fresh pizza !!

I think this one got drawn in 2006 specifically because I wanted to do an art trade with someone but there was literally no full body ref for me to refer them to, so I can't pull an image of him older than that, lol

hiiiiiiiiiii here's some hotline miami AUs with my ocs Barbie and Rita..

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