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👩‍🎨This afternoon it's watercolor time! 💦 I have to add some more details and textures on this picture and it will be finished at least!😌 I have never been in a hot-air balloon, and knowing how anxious I am I don't think I will be very at ease to travel in one of them... But I have always find so pretty all these vintage pictures of them, and fortunately there are some adventurous mice far more daring than I am! 😅 And you, are you more the cautious or the audacious type? 🤔

"Surf Club" - Long rect. w/ concentric, concave-sided trapezoids made of bent silverware handles, 3 sets of 4 in all. They're opaque at outermost edge & frame a streaky blue/white center w/opalescent color @ corners. 2 black & 2 orange scallop shells sit diagonally across this "sea." Top edge: "flying gulls" made fr. clip of white & choc. icing. Lower edge: "sand" made of woven off-white mat clip. L & R have clips fr. a photo of various heaped shells & coral.

Hey! How long does it typically take you to do each of the following in your creative process:

1. Research for a project? (Gathering facts, reference images, inspiration?)

2. Sketch (or make first draft) ?

3. Inks (or edit and refine work) ?

4. Color (finish, rewrite, or finalize piece with finishing touches)?

In case you missed it, has some general hints for switching to privacy-friendly alternatives:


artistic rendition of what i see everytime i turn around from my computer


Hey y’all, if u vet followers watch out for fake leftist accts. They’re usually created by MAGAssholes in Nazi Fedi to follow n target Black, Brown, LGBT folks. Watch out for fishy boost to post ratios, very little acct activity etc. Similar things u look for in bots.

The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge of May 2019 is up now!

The challenge topic for this month is:

🛏️ cozy 🛏️

You can join the challenge in the KDE forum at

If you are not familiar with #krita yet, it is a free/libre drawing program with a lot of features and even animation support!
Check it out at!

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