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If you like my art! You can stalk my redbubble and or buy a shirt! And wear it!! I'll love you if you do.

I have 16gb of ram in my rig. Is that enough to do 3d modelling and sculpting?

If anyone's wondering what the #alternatives are to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, here's a couple: Lineage OS: A version of Android with Google's services stripped away as far as possible. Librem 5: A new kind of privacy-centric open source smartphone made by @Purism

Two new OCs! Idk what their names are but I'm called them Beef and Bunny for now 😆

Before Inktober starts, a quick watercolor illustration. An Armadillo! Cute creatures. Havent seen one in real life, yet, but its definitely on my bucket list 😊

Starting another gift watercolor, this time of a butterfly fairy. Didn't plan on those paint splotches on the sides, but I guess I'll just roll with it.

[pixelfed link:]

Good news! I took another shot at my tablet driver issues and they're fixed now! I uninstalled digimend, reinstalled (git clone), and noticed some weird error in the terminal.

I thought it was a linux header problem but actually, I didn't have either "libelf-dev", or libelf-devel or eelfutils-libelf-devel whatever.

So I installed libelf-dev and sudo make install and then sudo update... BOOM! My graphics tablet works again. Whew!

For my birthday today I went to a discount art supply store;(I'veBeenFramedPDX), got some pencils, saw this neat chart.

I haven't painted in a long time so I'm very excited to get back into it. I like to do the sketch in colored pencil!

RT I made this during a mentorship to demonstrate how limited color palettes can influence and drive alternative solutions for lighting and shadow. Maybe it will help you, too!


Back from holiday with some small inchies again. Also made lots of sketches. Maybe I'll scan and post some of them.

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