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...I need a new tutorial on ball joints for Blender 2.8 🙏 (plus tips and tricks for making parts for 3D printing).

Officially added a stretch goal that involves me commissioning the likes of @RAPIDPUNCHES , @sherm , @sajan , and @Leelums to the kickstarter. We're $130 away!!!

There is only one known pink manta ray. Scientists suspect his unusual hue is due to a genetic mutation.

(Image: Kristian Laine /

XOD.0IXX is back online! 👍 ✨

I haven't drawn this bab in so long! decided to update their look~ uwu

Late V-Day Thing 

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Don't mention it much but I struggle with autoimmunity. I'm either recovering from a flare up or still in the middle of one (exhausting) and I was reminded today that stress contributes! Stress is a trigger! Self-care should not be ignored.

It's so easy to push all the time and forget to relax. I'm tensed up, clenching my teeth, hours a day in concentration working through pain that I'm giving to myself :'S

Take deep slow breaths. RELAX, FRIENDS! Remember to be kind to yourselves everyday.

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