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TIC-80 let's you store like two 128x128 sprite sheets (BG and FG). Earlier today I was working on a 128x256 (because that's how it imports and exports as one .gif) of map tiles, objects, and characters 😊

It was so icy and cold this morning (before sun up) I felt like I was going to die because I had fingers x_x

I made this today on (using the symmetry) and cut it out using the epilogue laser mini.

Thinking about doing Christmas cards or postcards again but last time like only some of them made it to their destination :')

Hey all! You can catch up with my project by exploring this one pack filled with nearly everything I've made this year!

There were upload size limits 😅 so in the future I'll have to set up a drop box where you can download the game assets I made and I'll keep it up to date.

Doodled these roughs last night. My camera really doesn't pick up light pencil well, they don't look this smudgy in real life, haha.

That kirin is plans for the Oroshi variant (I'm hoping it'll be announced for Iceborne!)

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