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I wanted to share this very novel heart shaped golden potato with you guys.

Environment painting based off the coast I grew up near!

Whole lotta cables for a "wireless" setup, but the embroidery machines only provide power to the USB when they're turned on, so I power the Pi's separately.

(Also it's kinda dark behind the embroidery machines where these live now, sorry.)

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I'm afraid I must shock you now with some non-oceanic content.

If you zoom in on the image you'll see the delightful texture MyPaint has. I really love the program and use it a lot!

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All the time I try to keep a schedule and handle tasks on my to-do list efficiently in a timely manner but then I lose track of what I'm doing and become so, so lost. My inbox is so full of emails I'm almost out of gigabytes. My files are flooding the desktop again. I have to start over :')

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