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Back in my art school days I used to ride the 710 COPSA line from Parque Del Plata to Montevideo almost everyday.
I did a ton of drawing while riding buses since my round trip commute was around 3-4 hours.
This is the Marcopolo Viaggio G4 Mercedes Benz model from the late 80s, one of the older bus models that was running on the line.

I started punch needling today! I had a lot of leftover yarn from previous projects so of course I made another crab.

A little late but happy new year again. ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

Have you heard about our Community Challenges yet?

These bi-weekly challenges are for you to learn and have fun while making art. Each time, there will be a new topic!

The current challenge's topic is:
(it's on April 22!)

Create a picture and share your work with us.
No prizes, just fun!

Deadline: April 26

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A lil throwback to these super cute lil orb shaped beavers I made and still adore<3

I'm now on homeopathic allergy medicine (because it's non-drowsy) and hopefully my mind will stop ripping through time and space at clock-melting speeds now!

I almost scraped my tablet with a real, regular normal actual pen (a ballpoint)! Whew-that was a close one. My tablet pen is back in my hand now.

Sifting through my archives for all my experimental drawings and trying to remember the techniques used to achieve certain effects. One example is this neon yellow line.

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I made another voxel but this time I've bigger plans for it :da_grin: and hopefully it will rig up less awkwardly than the crab.

Very happy so many have joined me in making shark people! It's a dream come true :da_la:

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