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I drew their mecha dragon OC and they drew .ETHOS im crying, look at all the effort they put into this I love jt

Their is a bby artist that follows me on twitter and I absolutely want to spoil them with art always

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First time making pixel art
Just wanted to try out something different.

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sneaking in some elfs before bedtime!

When I come out of a really busy period I always fall into such a listless lull... I'm kinda trying not to by just being very self indulgent.

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crystal dash away from all your problems (and right into a buzzsaw)

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Where did all these unfilled little buns come from...?

Nobody knows, but they're also available in chocolate flavor. #hollowknight #pixelart

Request for UnfortunateCorvid! Chara is grit and was fun to do the lineless

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Postcard ink done for a patron. You can get a custom postcard ink for yourself via

Thanks for enjoying this piece! Your comments are appreciated.

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Oh man I dont know any of the social rules around here


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