Do you have any idea how deceptively difficult a Dalek is to draw?! Like oh it’s just a bunch of curves and lines, but sheesh. Dumb death machines :U
Hi yes, not sure I mentioned it over here but I love Doctor Who.

He was painted in metallic which is hard to tell in the photos.

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@PwyllArcher Yes! I posted one I tried to do in pen and ink. Way harder to draw than they look. Nice job! Love the light on the ball thingies, and great perspective on his head :)

@justelise Ah thank you very much! I found your Dalek, I like it a lot! I love the shadowed front, makes him look extra menacing.

@PwyllArcher Thanks! I was experimenting a bit. I hadn't really tried doing anything with such stark contrast for highlights (I think there's a name for that, but I can't remember). But yeah, Daleks are hard to draw. I might try again one of these days. I really like yours! :)

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