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Gurls and their orb-bot friends

Saturn isn't the only character that has a bot friend, Fuego (who's part of the main burr squad of the story) has her little bots called BotFlies. Her botflies can collect data and go combat mode if needed!
Now the two are having an OrbBot Meet n Greet

Redesigned Desiree and made little notes about her gauntlets :D (this was made months ago btw)

Desiree is the leader of bounty hunter group, along with Fenrir and Sid. She now has fire mana to wield around her gauntlets to make flaming claws for combat.

Oh yea, updated my commission prices for this year! I mainly do anthros and some humanoids like splatoon! Feel free to send me an email ( or DM me here for your inquiry!

More info/examples:

Lately I've been playing DR2: Goodbye Despair and that game was fun (trying v3 next). So figured I post these draws for it:

Nep be for October's OC Halloween theme where every October I pick an OC of mine to dress up for the month, so she's dressing up as Peko Pekoyama; On Saturn's, it was a vent-ish pic based on the anime's intro itself

muh friends on discord convinced me to try the DR series. Just watched the Trigger Happy Havoc playthrough and it's no so bad! Can't wait to try DR2 and v3 :D

Anyway, have monokuma scribbles

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Yo yo!
I'm Yuun from Korea and I came to share art and meet new artists!
Mostly digital art, trying to get into the groove of drawing personal stuff!! I'm interested in mostly but love atm
Nice to meet you all!

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