Since I don't want to spam folks w/ a ton of back-to-back art posts, here are the two pics I've done in the meantime.

The 1st is some fanart of a friend's healer character - Biko - from his current project "Stormfellers". I tossed a bunch of older techniques to make him both translucent & relatively solid.

And the other pic I did was for Valentine's Day featuring Red & Wolfie - the couple from some Biff-adjecent material called "So You've Become a Werewolf: A Guide to the Fuzzy Life". I did two vers of it - One is the pic proper. The other is as a film slide.

The idea behind the whole slide thing is this would be part of a completely different world of sorts. Like a show within a show.

Red & Wolfie are Technically part of educational material from the Legions of Undead for Societal Respect. This was going to be part of fictional slide series but that kinda' got out of hand.

And I like where it's going. Might do a story about just these two from their "Black & White" world. It's been brewing for years & I think I need to do it at some point. = )

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