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Hey Folks! Gonna' spark a building broadcast! = )
Swing by and Kill Some Time! = )

Can ya' tell I had fun w/ this last prompt?

I'm not sure on the board spin, though. I was better on blades & bikes than on boards but I think this lil' kid is fine. They have wings.

No need to worry about biffing when you can just fly over the board & other objects before you land, right? = )

/ Day 19: Mythological

A Hippogryph Kickflip! = )

Asked a buddy of mine for a suggestion for a mythical critter as I've kinda' done a few & wanted something different. He said Hippogryph, my mind said "Kickflip" & here we are.

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Out of this last batch, I really want to expand on the Alien pic.

The boxer will get her own thing at some point but I think the little alien girl could be a bigger thing. That & I'd love to make the pattern on her shorts a thing folks could get.

The idea of someone (or something, in this case) leaning into something goofy like that always puts a smile on my face. Like a vampire w/ a bat motif or a zombie w/ a bunch of brain patterns on their gear. = )

/ Day 18: Cryptid

I had plenty of options for this one but I went with the one I'd never heard of before - The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.

Best part of this one was when they were 1st spotted. It dates back to the 80's. As in the 1980's. I am older than this Cryptid!

Points to whoever knows the symbols on their shirt. = )

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/ Day 17: Alien

This is a follow-up to some past pics. It was going to be her picking out a costume but, with things as they are right now, it became a pic about the distance between friends.

Always remember to keep your head up... even when "Up" is relative. = )

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/ Day 16: Mummy

After the previous pic went poorly, I gave myself a bit of a softball subject & drew my mummy boxer gal practicing her left hook.

I wanted to see if I could pull off a convincing motion blur. I think I did a fair job. I did kinda' mess up her stance, though. It looks less like practice & more like a demo.

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/ Day 15: Necromancer

Folks... they can't all be winners. -.-

I had a solid idea - an elf necromancer running tech support & resurrecting old systems from the dead w/ magic. Then I just kept going & going until I got this.

I want another crack at this one later.

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Art Flood Incoming! >.<

Now that I've got a hot minute where I'm not running around or knee deep doing stuff, I can update & do more than just check out other folks' stuff. = )

One thing I hope for w/ all of my Drawlloween stuff is that this will lead to more story stuff for my comic. I'd love to do more w/ Azure & how she's learning the craft (both being a demon & being a circus performer) from her folks. I'm Definitely going to use Bob again.

Again, this is shaping up to be a set where a lot of ideas are going to come out of it. = )

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Ha HA! All caught up again (and not posting in the dead of night for my area). = )

/ Day 14: Clown/Jester

You Know I had to draw Azure for this one. = )

Sure, she's an "Evil" clown demon. She gets That from her Ma. But her Pop is a regular ol' human clown with a whole set of skills you can't just inherit. Skills like tying balloon animals.

Her lessons are going... well? o.o

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/ Day 13: Black Cat

Haven't drawn any cute TF stuff in this series yet so I fixed that.

It's a magical (cat)girl transformation! = )

Fun Fact: Don't try researching magical girl transformation sequences unless you Really know the series you're looking for. Some are neat yet the parts they hang on are... questionable.

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/ Day 12: Monster

Another pic that'll end up being "I Should Do Something With This Someday" fodder. A family friend kept asking me to do a character in a wheelchair & this kinda' came to mind. A kid Trick-or-Treating w/ a buddy.

Roll in pairs. Get more candy. = )

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/ Day 11: Zombie

I wanted to join in on the Leg Stretch meme dealie & this one gave me that chance. It also gave me a chance to use Bob again in his less cleaned up look. = )

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Remember when I used to make comics?

Pepperidge Farm remembers. o.O

/ Day 10: Victorian

I could've gone basic steampunk. Instead, I took a tip from the a song by Zombina and the Skeletones & made a lady spawn of Spring-Heeled Jack. = )

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/ Day 09: Werewolf

Yeah... this was an excuse to draw Wolfie & Red's first dance. = )

Seems like I've been saying this a lot during these but I Really need to give them their story. They deserve it.

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I think I'll post the other two when it's daylight here at the ol' House of Amill. It's a little past 5am now & that's usually just a terrible time for me to be active online.

At this point in my "day", I'm effectively made of spelling errors & half baked thoughts. o.O

/ Day 08: Spider

Decided to draw my spider girl asleep in her room. Here's hoping she anchored the rest of her web bed better than that one side. o.O

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