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Just popped over to my phone for this 'cause I don't want to hunt down the progress pics on my system...

Here's how far I've come on the digital inks of that piece. I want to call it "Death Screen" or "Change Machine" or something else equally goofy & painful like an 80's Horror film. = )

As always, you can find these on my IG account:

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As I'm sure it was w/ others, I had Art-related plans this week. It's just been... a lot. -.-

I do have some fun art stuff on the horizon but I need to film a part of it first. I'm going through w/ another fake movie poster based on that Cursed Antique pic from Drawlloween 2020 but I'm also using it as video fodder to talk up my current digital setup.

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Ancient Spirits of Coffee...
Transform this Decayed Form into...
Prophet! The Barely Functioning!! >.<

I know it's still a "Thing" where webcomic folks will go back & redraw or even completely redo their older strips. Trust me when I say I'd LOVE to do that for some of them but not for the general feeling of disliking my old work.

In this case, I'd love to do this as a proper color piece w/ a bigger storybook feel. Maybe give a Golden Books type edge to it. = )

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Now that I'm not kneedeep in holiday stuff...
BtV No. 48 to 51 - A Silly Vampire's Christmas.

It's my fave holiday entry & probably the only one I'd redraw. The original post was from '08. These are from a word balloon update I had done for the 1st Biff book & later posted to the archive for the strip's 10yr anniversary. = )

Read it here or at the Biff site starting here:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays folks!

And now I know that ghosts & Christmas have been a thing for longer than I had originally thought & I've got some new old reading to do. = )

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New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Dead Man's Party:

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I love that - technically - having a ghost on my Christmas tags makes sense beyond me drawing monster stuff for a living. I think thanks in part to Dickens, ghosts are now kinda' just there in with all the elves, angels & other holiday stuff but folks don't like to talk about it like that. = )

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Christmas Tag 2020 [12.16.2020]
- — - — ~ — - — -
- HB, 4H Pencil and Colored Pencils on Sketchbook paper.

Process Video:

Hey Folks! New Strip's Up! BtV - Muffin, Man:

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How about some Fanart, yeah? = )

Here's a pencil pic I made of Acantha from Eliana Falcón's comic 'Cosmic Fish'. They recently hit the 5yr mark & I had been wanting to do some fanart for the comic for a bit now.

It's a fanastic comic. You can find it here:

I can at least say this: There will be at least One new non-comic pic this month. I gotta' do my Christmas Tag 'cause I'm pretty sure I'll get yelled at if I don't at this point.

I'm also thinking about doing some manner of Holiday icon to test out Clip Studio & see if I like it more than SketchBook.

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Thought I'd have more work to put up by now but I thought wrong, I guess. It's been very much a slow burn spending my time trying to work on the comic lately. o.O

And one last terrible Turkey Day joke... = ) 

One last throwback thing before I finally dig up the only recent pic I've finished that's currently shareable (the comic I finished is posting soon enough).

My favorite Hand Turkeys drawing from a few years ago.

Wait... no. I mean "Turkey Hands" drawing. It's my fave Turkey Hands drawing. = )

Also, have the two-parter that shows just how odd one can be with leftovers. = )

BtV No.498: 11.14.18 - Strange Tastes

BtV No.499: 11.25.18 - Sandwich O'Clock

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Took the day off from being online for the most part). Figured I'd post some Classic Biff strips from Turkey Day's Past. = )

BtV No.197: 11.23.11 - Turkey Day Blues

Note: The Detail in question is from their last posted page. That went up around April of this year. It is one of the first things you see at their page but, unless you read their comic, it doesn't come off as really important.

See my problem? It's one of those kinda' is/kinda' isn't things & I Really don't want to be that Guy who just pops up w/ "Oh yeah. [REDACTED]. You didn't know?". Especially in something I hope they dig (assuming they see it). o.O

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I love how I'm sitting here doing fanart of a webcomic I've been diggin' for a while & pleased to hear that cartoonist is okay despite *Gestures at the Wolrd* all of this (and that more of said comic is coming soon which is a nice bonus!) yet I'm trying to figure out if a certain detail would be considered a spoiler or not. o.O

Since I'm waiting on replacement parts for my little SDCS Gundam kit, I'm trying to ink my comic (You know, that thing that's technically "My Job").

I don't want to completely clear my desk 'cause that means I will absolutely lose stuff so I'm just using my little gunpla to hold stuff. Got a tiny OG Gundam holding one of my pens & a tiny Char-colored Zaku giving me the side eye 'till I get back to my proper work. = )

Alrighty! Now that Drawlloween is done, I can sit back & relax... before I stick all this stuff together in a book.

My work may never be done but it's stopping me from doomscrolling so Hey! I'll take any excuse I can find that's actually productive. = )

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