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Artist question | Long post 

Like if all the characters are extremely fucked up anatomically, and someone draws something that would be considered to have "perfect" anatomy in our world, would it be anatomically incorrect to them?(2/2)

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Artist question | Long post 

You know how sometimes in cartoons there will be an artist character who sometimes draws stuff? So if everyone is more stylized than realistic in this cartoon, and the artist character draws art that looks like, say Ilya Repin's work, would it be considered stylized in that character's universe? And to extend upon that, would it be considered good or bad stylization? (1\2)

Long post | NSFW | Sensitive subjects 

Happy ! If you like:
- Angst
- Drama
- Slice of Life
- Mental Health
- Sensitive/Dark Subjects
- Awkward Queer/LGBT+ Characters

You may like 'The Guide to a Healthy Relationship', A long-form story about an emotionally immature alcoholic trying to make amends for a friendship he ruined, after discovering his ex-childhood friend isn't dead.


Long time no see! I've been knee deep in work and my comic, so not much has happened.
Thought I'd post some of the rando, TGtaHR related drawings I've done recently.

Lots of Julian and Apollo stuff~

Oh god, I'm being a total spammer today!

A long time ago I posted my colouring process on the Spider Forest forum, and I finally got around to transferring it to my blog. (This isn't so much a tutorial as a "how I do this" thing)


My OCD got the best of me, so I transferred my guest art to their own section on my blog. If you ever get an itch to draw my awful TGtaHR characters, this is where I'll kiss your ass! (after I get done kissing it on my comic)


Oh wow, I drew something other than a comic page!

I was procrastinating, having a bad itch to doodle Julian in an outfit they'd like, rather than be productive. I may draw more eventually.

Just showed my comic to my uncles boyfriend, the first irl person I ever showed my comic to. I'm a little nervous to say the least.

Maybe my comic, with all it's vulgarity, just has a porny feel to it?

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Sometimes I partially regret working on the type of comic that I have. It's neither porn nor meant for anyone under the age of 17 (in the US), & can get a little difficult or embarrassing to advertise. There's not a lot of webcomic friendly review places that take anything more intense than PG-13, & when it comes to people irl I reeeeeally don't want them to know what I draw. Hell, my mom thought I've been drawing porn this whole time, which is weird cuz she sees most of what I draw & I haven't done nudity for a long while now.

All the hands, all at once! Should I make this into a creepy sticker sheet?

CC0 Stock photo reference by:

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