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Looking at how bright the past couple pages are reminds me of some of the critiques I get about making sure to darken the visuals to the darker tone in scenes, which is super valid. It makes me feel weird for being more disturbed by things that look normal, and chill, but are unnerving or gross when you actually think about it... at least when the scene isn't outright horrifying. (Gore, murder, something that is loudly frightening)

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This might be my general desensitization to macabre, dark visuals, or I really might be an oddball. Not that I'm making anything particularly deep, or scary, but it is fun to draw out a "nice looking" scenario and see if anyone notices uncomfortable implications... even though I know it just totally destroys all remnants of the sensitive themes I'm working with. Lol.

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I think I'll accept that I just want to experiment with this one to see what I can do, and how other’s perceive it (while being fully open to critique and improvement), then make my future dark comics less tone deaf.

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