I am here and ready to commit war crimes... and possibly steal some vital organs...

Don't you just love it when the fire alarm goes off because of T O A S T

y'know that feeling you get when you accidentally post something that was meant to be a dm (links to cosplay props)

Stal is the best disc in Minecraft, try to convince me otherwise... you cant.

i have awoken from my slumber... who wishes to have a vital organ stolen?

(thread) I was supposed to draw a new oc today but i didn't because i didn't know how to draw them! all i know is they're going to have wings like everyone in The Croaking (please go support that webtoon, its awesome!) if i could get some help with what they should look like that would be cool.

i dont know what to do today... i think ill contemplate all my life decisions

CW: Quackity with a g u n 

I woke up today and chose violence...

heres a random fact bc why not 

people can become addicted to .+*chicken nuggets*+. because they have a .+*rare*+. chemical in them called .+*serotonin*+. most people lack .+*serotonin*+. so they become addicted to the .+*chicken nuggets*+. the moment the golden crispiness touches their tongue.

i have to wait till 12 to take my math test... quick someone explain everything you know about math

aaaaaaaaaaaa time to go take two tests im d e f i n i t e l y not prepared for... wish me luck!

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