I also want to create some glasses designs for the sprites.

And possibly a dog sprite that if I knew how to mod the player could tame.

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I want to design a wheelchair user sprite modification for the game.

I don’t know how to implement that as a modded character customisation option, but I can create the art at least.

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I’ve been playing Wayward recently and its making me want to look at the game sprites in more depth.

I might open up the game files on Steam just to see how the graphics fit together.

If you’ve seen the same things before on fediverse with traditional art, that was a post by my old account. I’ve been around here for a while. X3

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Evolution, a little game I used to play as a kid with paper and pencil. Now I do it with pixel art!

Start with a simple creature and change it slowly. See what you can create :D

Bunny knight! A project I hope to pick back up someday.
The bunny knight fights to protect her beloved princess!

Folks were redrawing a character from one of those ‘how to draw manga’ books on twitter. I joined in!

Who even came up with that idea that CryptoArt is like a serious solution for artists?!
It makes no sense.

1) It won't solve all your problems with digital art, and all it pretends to solve, solves very poorly.
2) It will ruin your finances before you'll even notice the "solutions"...
3) And it will ruin your environment, the one you try/will try to raise your/your peers kids in.
4) Oh and all the "solutions" can be made entirely without crypto or NFT.

Two older Caves of Qud works.

The first is the salt marsh biome and the second the canyon biome.
My approach to pixel art has changed greatly since I drew these works. Perhaps I should redraw them some day 🤔

Sorry I haven’t been posting much everyone! I have been very busy with my university course.

Why I am deleting my artstation account 

On a minor and more petty note I did not appreciate being told to use my real name as not using it was ‘pretentious’, ‘fake’ and ‘lame’ according to the magazine.

There are many good reasons why people do not use their full legal name online.

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Why I am deleting my artstation account 

Due to ArtStation’s attempting to launch a NFT art platform I will no longer be using their website.

Even if they have walked back the decision I do not find the apology acceptable or find the platform trustworthy any more. I have no interest in supporting any artist or platform which profits off the destruction of our planet and is effectively a mlm with no real protection for my work.

I will create my own website to act as my digital portfolio.

Participating in a chicken themen zine currently, so I'm practicing some chicken!! 🐤 🐤

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