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Congrats @Rezoner@twitter.com for SpriteStack Release !!
⭐️ rezoner.itch.io/spritestack ⭐️

If you want to do 3D , just for fun or for check this awesome tool. Includes animator and a good exporter settings for dithering, shadows, outline or palette change.

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Yo where my Wooloo Gang at?

the new pokemon is just a sheep and i love it. i can't wait to be a shepherd in the new pokemon game!

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Add juicy animations in one click! 🥤
▶️ codemanu.itch.io/juicefx
‼️ Every 20 Retweets will post a free key ‼️

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My website links you to literally all the different places you can find my art - commentary, memes and WIP free. My Twitter is for me!

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ok i lied I’m going to sleep /now/ but before I go here’s a quick tutorial on how to colour within ur lineart without overspill in clip studio paint

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In times of old, the world was magical…but times change. Watch the new trailer for and see the film when it cometh to theaters March 2020.

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All finished the realistic take on the Creator of the Seas; Kyogre! I saw this concept a few months ago drawn by incredible @arvalis@twitter.com and wanted to take a shot at creating one of my favorite legendary Pokemon in 3D.

It was a blast to make, and I definitely want to do more!

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Good evening everyone!
I finished one of the portrait commissions and I really had a lot of fun with it.
Hope you like it and please let me know what you think ´v`

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the biggest scam of all time was convincing kids that wikipedia, a free source of unlimited information, isn’t reliable when there’s literal sources at the bottom & a strict editing policy.

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The raffle winner has been chosen! Thank you to everyone who entered!
I can't wait to do another one!!

The raffle has officially ended, thank you to everyone who entered!
We will be counting the entries and using a random generator to choose the winner shortly. Hold on tight!

Last day to enter my !
Ends in 12 hours. Remember, it's free to enter! 👀

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Want to win a free bust painting?
RT to enter, image text down below! ↓

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There is no such thing as cheating in art.

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Working on a top-down game? Let Tilesetter generate the tileset for you.

Pre-order Tilesetter now: led.itch.io/tilesetter

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Friendly reminder about my !
Free to enter, ends Friday!

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Want to win a free bust painting?
RT to enter, image text down below! ↓

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