ot a fan of old west setting usually, but I'm making experiments with new things so I thought I'd start with something out of my comfort zone.
Done with quick photobashing, paintover and actual painting.

Another card I designed for Star Wars Destiny.
I was happy to draw Storm Troopers, sadly the focus of the image was supposed to be the alarm, so they're not exactly prominent right here.

some weeks ago i visited the historical center of the small town i live in. i took lots of pics for scenery reference ;)

Bail Organa is another Star Wars card I made for Fantasy Flight Games, and alas, once again I don't really remember what specific expansion it was for.

Another Illustration I made for the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
This was the second time I drew Padme! This forced me to take dozens of screenshots of Natalie Portman in order to get her likeness right. I'm actually happier about this one to be honest.
This illustration depicts the moment she addresses the Senate.

I made this illustration for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games.
I've been waiting quite a while for this to be released, as this was one of the favourite works I've made for Star Wars.
Because, you know, Han and Chewie😀


There's a whole bunch of Game of Thrones artwork I made for Fantasy Flight Games that I forgot to post, so here's one.
I actually forgot to what expansion it belongs to, but I'll look into it:)

Another illustrations I made for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Destiny. I actually forgot to post this one, this is Poe Damerons's dad. :)

Original post on artstation.com/artwork/ybBRvx

Another of the illustrations I made for the Game of Thrones RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
This is actually the second time I was asked to draw a Dothraki (I made a whole bunch all together for the book World of Ice and Fire).
As predictable as it is, they're probably the most fun to paintsmiley
This is one of the trusted warriors of Khal Drogo.

of Thrones Art

Another Major Arcana I made for my Tarot deck project.

This is n.9, The Hermit.

I have to confess I struggled a little bit with this one, and I changed the designed a few times. It wasn't as easy to apply the Futurists aesthetics as it was with the others without it looking like some kind of ghost.


The hackweek before the #Nextcloud conference starts today! Registration is on the 6th floor of the Mathematics building of the TU Berlin. You'll find it 😋

I've started working on a tarot deck. This is not the first one I've made, but it's supposed to be the first of every deck, so here it is, The Fool.

If you really feel like popping onto Art Station to throw a like at it I won't hold you back:)



I added a list of apps for Android/iOS to joinmastodon.org: joinmastodon.org/apps

holy fuck..... cocoa growers taste chocolate for the first time.


Illustration I made for the latest Game of Thrones chapter pack by Fantasy Flight Games, the Shadow City.

My depiction of a young Aegon Targaryen for the Game of Thrones new chapter pack Shadow City, by Fantasy Flight Games.

Interestingly, I just realized this is the second time I make an illustration about this character, the first one being his older self in Tourney at Harrenhal for the book World of Ice and Fire:)

As usual, made with Krita!


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