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Hey I'm Piruli ,a french girl who love drawing with her tablet!
I mostly draw my own characters for futures comic project :D

A sketch part of a small thing I'm planning to do
She's paired with that blue horned character I made previously

so I think I'll focus more on mastodon since people here are really dedicated to art and not ruining other people's days

It's not normal to log on a website and start to have anxiety everytime

lately i've been back at using twitter more but sadly my opinion about this website didn't change: it's always put me in a bad mood,people are always making unecessary drama about anything and they all sound petty, bitter and unhappy

Hello new followers! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with me and my art

I don't post that much here at the moment but I'll be back soon! Just the time for me to get some news materials for both digital and traditional art *v*

2020 will be a better year I hope :> At the moment I'm getting familiar with
Follow me on instagram!
I made a new instagram account because I need a place where the family can't see my work,since their clearly don't support LGBT folks u.u
So there's i'll talk more about my ocs and their stories/interactions o/

kinky outfit for these two
(idk if I have to mask that or not tho so I leave it visible :c )

Smol portraits
In the end I rather create ocs who have beauty standard that I like instead of taking already existing character 3v3
Also I don't have pressure to please any fandom :'D Only myself

Me: is obsessing over goth aethetic/lifestyle ect
Friend:be the goth you want to be
Me: *Mind blow*

so for now my icon will be the same
just black

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