Here's some of the gift art I've done for friends/people I've admired in the past! It's all still kinda old because Im terrible at uploading current things


Dates: 2/20/18, 3/15/16, 1/14/16, 3/3/17

Entries I did for an old Art Event called Eorzean Art Exchange!! It's now defunct sadly, doubly so because that was the first and only year I was able to participate.

These are SO old >->);

Dates: 4/19/17, 4/16/17, 5/5/17

Long Text 

Moderate Gore, Moderate Body Horror 

A DA CS banner I did for a contest! Sadly, I didnt win, but I still had a ton of fun drawing this. I did NOT however, have fun fitting into the size constraint.

Date: NA: Unsigned

First two are old as fuck commissions I took around when I first started DA? I really, really dont like looking at them T~T)

The lower one is a more recent pixel comm, which I still like! Yay

Dates: 2/12/17, 4/22/17, NA: Unsigned

Some really old collabs I was gonna do with another artist that never went anywhere, oh well!

I wanted to draw 707 despite never playing the game because I just really liked him so here he is

These are SO old T^T)
(Also check out those dates lmao. I told you I used to draw really fast)

Dates: 4/16/17, 4/16/17, 4/16/17

The last OC who's not in a story proper yet! His name is Qlo, and he's a chubbean! A little princey boy, and one of 2 feral OC's I own

Dates: 12/1/17, 6/3/17

Mild Gore, Mild Body Horror, Blood 

One of 2 attacks that I got to do for Art Fight 2018. My full illustrations just take way too long to finish, so I couldnt do more of them that year ;-;)

Date: 7/19/18

And the last batch of attacks from 2017. Last two are for some personal friends of mine!

Dates: 9/4/17, 10/5/17, 8/21/17, 11/24/17

More attacks from 2017. I actually managed to do a few because I was only doing sketches initially!

Dates: 11/19/17, 7/26/17, 12/3/17

Blood, Implied Violence 

Mild Blood, Mild Body Horror 

This is for a story I want to make into an RPGHorror game. I remember struggling hella hard with her hand and now I know why ;-;)

Alice Dreamy is her name!

Date: 4/15/18

Last set of OC's from this set! Pluto and Soot! Pluto is a succubus and Soot is a necromancer!

Dates: 11/20/17, 1/4/18

Blood, Mild gore, Implied Violence 

Mild Blood (Nosebleeds) 

More pictures of Null and another OC: Melody. Melody is a succubus, and also a specter~

Dates: 5/14/17, 7/5/17, 11/20/17, 12/28/17

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