Handspun merino, alpaca, mohair, silk noil. Took first place at California State Fair for textured yarn.

Spinning at the Davis Food Co-op this morning

Warm up sketches for Davis World Cup tournament during Let's Deaw Davis Sketchcrawl

Sketching vernal pool flowers at Jepson Prairie today. Perfect day. Fragrance and native pollinators...

third sweater of 2018, Caldera + Blank Canvas mashup

I Heart Aran finally finished after much ripping, grafting, cajoling, pushing and shoving. mastodon.art/media/J5WAw7exawR

Walker Evans show at SFMOMA today. Spectacular photographs, so many of them tiny: inspiring me to take photos of the graffiti on trains that go by our house every day.


Finish the I Heart Aran sweater I started on Friday

Knit a Challah infinity shawl for Tesla

Knit another pair of bedsocks...

Goal for 2018: make at least 3 sweaters. I am wanting to get away from microfiber fleece permanently now I know how much of it is ending up in the ocean. :(

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I drew this bird in my sketchbook, it turned out halfway decent so of course, not leaving well enough alone, I imported it into the iPad and played with it all day long. What a time sink, but this is the result

Lots of compliments on the plane for my . And lots of knitters. It's knitting crunch time.

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I have plans for a few variations of this sheep. Not sure if I'm totally feeling this one but... it's a start, anyway. I feel really rusty with art lately.

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